Mixed Cocktails

Mix Your Own Cocktails!

With their exotic names and elaborate mixture of alcohol, fruit juices and other ingredients, cocktails have seen a recent revival…

Mixed Cocktails



Chill the bottles in the fridge for several hours before mixing the cocktails and keep a selection of short and tall glasses in the fridge if possible. Alternatively, fill each glass with ice while the drinks are being prepared. Empty them before pouring the drinks.


The measures in the recipes are for the standard versions but they can be strengthened or diluted as required.

Dry Martini


Dry Vermouth
Strip of lemon rind
Small green olives

Method: mix 1part of vermouth to 2 parts of gin in a jug containing plenty of ice. Stir well until chilled, and strain into small, wide rimmed cocktail glasses. Add more gin for a drier martini and more vermouth for a less potent one. Serve with an olive on a cocktail stick in a glass. Twist a strip of lemon rind over the glass to release the oils, and then drape it over the edge.

Tom Collins

Soda water

Method: squeeze the lemons and allow the juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of sugar per tall glass. Pour a measure of gin into each glass, add crushed ice and top up wit soda water. Stir well to keep the drink effervescing.

Tequila Sunrise

Orange juice

Method:  for each glass, allow one measure of tequila to half a measure of Grenadine and top up with ice and orange juice.

Planter’s Punch (served either cold or hot)

Unsweetened lime or lemon juice
Angostura bitter or Grenadine
Soda water (if serving cold)
One orange

Method: the basic rule of thumb for making this drink is to mix 1 part of lime juice to 2 parts sugar and 3 parts of rum. Add a dash of Angostura bitter or Grenadine to taste. When serving cold top up with ice and 4 parts soda water. Garnish the glasses with orange slices. To serve hot, omit the ice and soda and top with hot water.

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