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Naked Wedding Cakes: 11 of the Most Beautiful

Naked wedding cakes are very versatile wedding cakes—they’re a perfect choice for couples who want the rustic yet elegant look of a shabby chic wedding, or even a minimalist wedding or city chic wedding. Read on for our pick of some of our favourite naked wedding cakes!

11 of Our Favourite Naked Wedding Cakes

Traditionally, wedding cakes are cloaked in layers of smooth-as-silk fondant, stretched taut over each tier, or dressed in expertly piped ruffled buttercream. On the other hand, naked wedding cakes are perfect for the couple who don’t want to ply their guests with sugary, calorific cake. Naked wedding cakes come with a much more natural, organic feel as they replace sugary icing with loads of seasonal fresh fruit or sweet edible flowers. Just a sprinkling of icing sugar looks exceptionally vibrant on dark sponges and a fun cake topper and beautiful cake stand will set your naked cake apart.


Semi Naked Wedding Cake with Beautiful Flowers and Roses | above: Caffe Concerto Cakes

1) A Modest Naked Wedding Cake

There’s no need for a towering skyscraper of a cake. A short, small-tiered naked cake will look just as striking as the taller alternative.

2) A Multi-Sponge Naked Wedding Cake

Mixing and matching two sponge flavours results in very striking naked wedding cakes with a beautiful monochromatic hue. Top these cakes with flowers or fresh fruit for a lovely finish.

Multi-Sponge Naked Wedding Cake Ideas - Berry Naked Wedding Cake - Forest Fruits Naked Wedding Cake - Winter Wedding Naked Wedding Cake Ideas from the Organic Wedding Cake Company | above: The Organic Wedding Cake Company

3) A Traditional Naked Wedding Cake

While naked cakes aren’t exactly a wedding tradition, the cakes below could easily become classics. They feature all the characteristics of a traditional-style naked wedding cake: the classic open sides and the frosting squishing out are the hallmarks of this cake style.

Romantic Naked Wedding Cake by Cake Me by Surprise and Naked Cake with Fruits and Flowers by Amazing Grace Cakes | above: Cake Me by Surprise and Amazing Grace Cakes

4) A Fruity Naked Wedding Cake

A lovely way to ensure your wedding guests are getting their five a day, naked wedding cakes that are decked with seasonal fruits will be irresistible for your guests.
Nadine and Robert’s Spring Themed Wedding - Naked Wedding Cake with Custard | above: Nadine and Robert’s Spring Themed Wedding

5) A Naked Wedding Cake for Every Season

While naked wedding cakes really come into their element at a spring or summer wedding, they can easily be made for autumn or winter weddings. A traditional winter-themed naked wedding cake can consist of dark sponges and juicy fresh fruit, and we love the seasonal autumnal elements of this naked cake:

Autumn Naked Wedding Cakes - Autumn Wedding Inspiration - Photography by Alixann Loosle Photography | above: Photography by Alixann Loosle Photography via Autumn Wedding Inspiration

6) A More Modest Naked Wedding Cake

Some naked wedding cakes are very busy with layers of fruit, flowers, brushed icing sugar and frosting, but we can’t help but fall in love with the more minimalist, modest naked wedding cakes too.

Modest Naked Wedding Cake - Rustic Wedding Cake with Flowers by Melnikov Sergey on Shutterstock | Image by Melnikov Sergey on Shutterstock

7) A Mini Naked Wedding Cake

Whether they’re cupcake sized or a little larger, mini naked wedding cakes are very cute and would double as great edible wedding favours for your guests.

Shabby Chic Bridal Shower from Dolce Designs - Mini Naked Wedding Cakes - Miniature Chocolate Naked Cakes | above: Shabby Chic Bridal Shower from Dolce Designs

8) A Chocolate Naked Wedding Cake

Chocolate sponge, juicy fresh fruit and fragrant fresh flowers combined with oozing buttercream are all you’ll need for a naked wedding cake that’s as romantic as it is delicious.

Naked Wedding Cake Cupcakes by A Cake Life - Chocolate Naked Wedding Cake by Lael Cakes - Photography from Allan Zepeda Photography via A Sleeping Beauty Inspired Wedding Shoot | above: Allan Zepeda Photography via A Sleeping Beauty Inspired Wedding Shoot and a Naked Chocolate Wedding Cake with Cupcakes by A Cake Life

9) A Free-From Naked Wedding Cake

Having either a gluten or dairy intolerance or following a vegan lifestyle shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on having a traditional wedding cake. Ask your cake maker about preparing a free-from naked wedding cake and you’ll be able to enjoy it along with your guests.

Vegan Wedding Cake and Organic Edible Flowers Wedding Cake by The Organic Wedding Cake Company | above: Vegan Wedding Cake and Organic Edible Flowers Wedding Cake by The Organic Wedding Cake Company

10) A DIY Naked Wedding Cake

Fancy yourself the next Great British Bake Off star? You’ll love the challenge of making your own naked wedding cake, plus how amazing would it be to make your own wedding cake! Just look at this beautiful naked wedding cake full of fruit and flowers and finished with a crown of adorable cake bunting.

Naked Victoria Sponge Wedding Cake - Beautiful Naked Wedding Cakes | above: “Naked” Victoria Sponge Wedding Cake from Sainsbury’s

You could even DIY your own naked wedding cake with a shortcut—do you love the idea of having a hand in creating your own wedding cake but don’t think you’ll have enough time or skill to make one from scratch? Don’t worry, because you could buy a ready-made sponge and all you’d have to do is assemble and decorate it just before your reception.

6 Inch Round Lemon Ready to Decorate Cakes - DIY Wedding Cakes - Nude Cakes | above: 6-Inch Round Lemon Ready to Decorate Cake by Nude Cakes

11) A Semi Naked Wedding Cake

Semi naked wedding cakes are beautiful pieces of art where the filling (e.g. buttercream) covers the outside instead of just oozing between the layers, and the final result is very effective!

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