Greenery Floating Monogram Acrylic Cake Topper - Contemporary Leaves Wedding Theme - Greenery Wedding - Palm Leaves Wedding Cake Topper |

Wedding Cake Toppers: 57 Fun Cake Topper Ideas

Wedding cake toppers come in all forms and are the perfect way to add that extra bit of something to your wedding cake. Furthermore, the cutting of the cake is one of the most sentimental and photographed moments of your wedding day, so you’ll want the most charming cake topper around to help make it extra special. So once you’ve sorted out which beautiful wedding cake stand you want, check out our selection of some of our favourite wedding cake toppers.

57 Fun Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Greenery Floating Monogram Acrylic Cake Topper - Contemporary Leaves Wedding Theme - Greenery Wedding - Palm Leaves Wedding Cake Topper |


Monogram/Lettering Wedding Cake Toppers

A lovely cake topper idea is to use letters or monograms to create your initials on top of the cake, like we did in our modern fairytale wedding theme with these artistic Modern Fairytale Monogram Acrylic Cake Toppers in Metallic Gold.

Green and White Tall Tiered Wedding Cake with Gold Script and Monogram Acrylic Cake Topper - Fairytale Wedding Cakes - Wedding Cake Table Ideas |

We also love these “floating” cake toppers, which are made in such a way that you can’t see the bases, like the below “Classic Floating Monogram” white acrylic cake topper and the “Greenery Floating Monogram” acrylic cake topper. You can also get some very lovely acrylic block cake toppers too!

Classic Floating Monogram White Acrylic Cake Topper - Ornate Cake Topper | Greenery Floating Monogram Acrylic Cake Topper - Geometric Greenery Cake Topper |


Similarly, these acrylic lettering cake toppers work beautifully as little additions to wedding favours or as wedding name card alternatives.

Pink and White Cupcake with Acrylic Cake Topper - XOXO Cupcake - Pretty Cakes - Cake Gift Ideas - Vintage Rose Pink Wedding Cake | above: Metallic Gold Script XOXO Acrylic Cake TopperPink Rose Floral Paper Plates and Classic Gold Cake Forks

Minimalist Wedding Cake Toppers

Minimalist cake toppers are rather popular in contemporary weddings, as they’re simple but very, very stylish. For example, these simple wooden-peg figures are very understated yet very cute, and you may even choose to have them personalised with paint.


Faux Greenery Cake Topper - Eucalyptus Wreath Cake Topper with Minimalist Wooden People - Simple Cake Topper Ideas - Wooden People Cake Topper by whichgoose on Etsy | above: Minimalist Wooden People Cake Topper with Faux Eucalyptus Wreath by whichgoose on Etsy

We also love this “Stylish Embrace”  cake topper, featuring the silhouette of a bride and groom in front of an artistic heart:

Glazed Porcelain Stylish Embrace Wedding Cake Topper - Bride and Groom Embrace with Heart Background | featured above: Large Fabric Ruffle Flowers

We also adore these acrylic silhouette cake toppers that come in black or white and are often the silhouette-equivalent of our porcelain cake topper couples.

Acrylic Black and White Silhouette Couple Cake Toppers - Black "A Kiss" Silhouette Acrylic Cake Topper and White "With A Kiss" Silhouette Acrylic Cake Topper | above: Black “A Kiss” Silhouette Acrylic Cake Topper and White “With A Kiss” Silhouette Acrylic Cake Topper

Other minimalist cake topper ideas we love include using a simple photo of the couple, perhaps a Polaroid, attached to a stationery holder or name card alternative that’s then secured on top of the cake. We also love these simple acrylic hearts.

Animal Inspired Wedding Cake Toppers

If you’re an animal lover you might even want to use animals as your wedding cake topper, from these very cute hugging, interlocking bears and mini woodland animals to more traditional love birds or porcelain doves.

Interlocking Bear Hug Cake Topper Figurine Set - Polar Bears Cake Topper - Unique Cake Topper | Miniature Woodland Assorted Animal Set - Animal Cake Toppers | Glazed Porcelain Doves And Flower Cake Topper - Doves Wedding Cake Topper | Contemporary Love Birds Cake Topper - Blue and White Floral Wedding Cake |


We also really, really love these “Beautiful Butterflies” cake sets, available in a selection of stunning colours.

Beautiful Butterfly Cake Sets - Purple Butterflies - Butterfly Wedding Cake |

Additionally, if you want to add a beloved pet to your wedding cake you can with these pet cake toppers. This is just one of many ways of including your dog at your wedding, and look how sweet they are! There’s even an adorable cat!

Pet Cake Toppers - Dog Cake Toppers - Miniature Terrier Dog Figurine, Labrador Figurine, Black and Tan Dachshund Figurine, and Bichon Frise Figurines |, clockwise from top left:  Miniature Black and Tan Dachshund Dog Cake Topper, Miniature Bichon Frise Dog Cake Topper| Labrador Dog Cake Topper

Pet Cake Toppers - Playing Cute Cat Cake Toppers - Miniature Ginger Cat Figurine and Grey Cat Figurine | above: Cat Figurines

Porcelain Couples Wedding Cake Toppers

At Confetti we love to go that extra mile to make sure your big day is tailored to suit you, which is why our wedding cake toppers are not only influenced by the latest fashion, trends and styles but also by our brides and grooms. Our range of porcelain cake toppers are not only hand painted to perfection but are also available for you to personalise by hair colour, and often skin tone as well.

Porcelain Hand Painted Cake Toppers - Cake Topper Painting - Figure Painting |

Browse our full range of cake toppers by skin tone here, and you’ll be able to choose between “Light”, “Medium”, and “Dark” skin tones for a choice of different cake toppers, including this “A Kiss and We’re Off!” cake topper below (complete with a “Honeymoon Bound” tag):

"A Kiss And We're Off!" Figurine - Light Skin Tone - Bride Standing on Suitcase to Kiss the Groom - Unique Cake Topper | Mix and Match Bride Cake Toppers - "A Kiss And We're Off!" Figurine - Medium Skin Tone - Wanderlust Wedding Ideas - Travel Inspired Cake Topper | Mix and Match Bridal Cake Toppers - "A Kiss And We're Off!" Figurine - Dark Skin Tone - Travel Wedding Theme Decor - Wanderlust Bride Cake Topper |

Confetti’s cake toppers come in so many beautiful designs too, often boasting modern twists on traditional poses—dynamic poses with lovely features instead of the couple simply standing next to each other. Take a look at these examples of some very romantic cake toppers:

"True Romance" Couple Figurine - Bride Lifted in the Groom's Arms Cake Topper |

This “True Romance” cake topper shows the bride swept up into her groom’s arms, almost reminiscent of a first dance.

Rustic Couple by a Fence Porcelain Figurine Wedding Cake Topper - Rustic Wedding Cakes | "Row Away" Wedding Couple In a Rowboat Figurine - Wedding Cake Topper Ideas |

This rustic couple by a fence cake topper is full of country charm and features the bride in a gorgeous white or blush pink dress and the groom in a casual shirt and trousers, while our “Row Away” wedding couple in a rowboat features a bride and groom embracing on  lovely rowboat with “Just Married” bunting strung across the back.

"Leaning In For A Kiss" Balloon Wedding Cake Topper - Wanderlust Cake Topper |

Our “Leaning in for a Kiss” cake topper is one of our most popular, featuring a bride in a modern ruffled wedding dress and holding a balloon while her groom holds a bouquet of flowers behind his back.

A Sweet Embrace Bride Embracing Groom Couple Figurine Charming Rustic Wedding Cake Topper Inspiration | "Indie Style" Wedding Couple Figurine - Rustic Wedding Decor Ideas |


Our “A Sweet Embrace” cake topper is lovely for a shabby chic or rustic wedding, featuring a relaxed groom with his hands in his pockets while his bride embraces him from behind. Our “Indie Style” wedding couple figurine features a bride and groom looking lovingly at each other and holding a sweet “We did!” sign.

"A Kiss Above" Bicycle Bride and Groom Couple Figurine - Pretty Bicycle Wedding Cake Topper | Motorcycle "Get-away" Wedding Couple Figurine - Motorbike Wedding Cake Topper |


The above  “A Kiss Above” bicycle and Motorcycle “Get-Away” cake toppers are especially quirky, one showing the groom on a bicycle (with a basket of flowers and trailing ruffles) while his bride gives him a sweet peck on the cheek, and the other showing the bride and groom perched on the back of a very cool motorbike.

"The Look of Love" Bride and Groom Sitting on the Edge of the Cake Couple Figurine - Romantic Wedding Cake Toppers | "A Romantic Dip" Dancing Bride and Groom Couple Figurine - Dancing Wedding Cake Topper |

These cake toppers are also in wonderfully dynamic poses—our  “The Look of Love” cake topper features a sitting groom looking lovingly into his bride’s eyes while the bride perches on the edge of the wedding cake so that her dress falls beautifully down the side. Our “A Romantic Dip” couple does exactly what it says on the tin and features a groom dipping his bride as if during the first dance.

A "Cinderella Moment" Figurine - Fairytale Wedding Reception Ideas |

We’re also very fond of this “A Cinderella Moment” cake topper, featuring a groom kneeling before his bride and kissing her hand.

If, while you love romance, you’d like a cake topper that says something about your hobbies, we also offer some great sporty cake toppers like this rugby-themed “Love Tackle” cake topper:

Sports Cake Toppers - Love Tackle Bride and Groom Cake Topper - Rugby Themed Wedding Cake Topper |

And fun cake toppers like these “High Five” and “At the Finish Line” cake toppers that will probably get a giggle on your big day:

Fun Cake Toppers - High Five Bride and Groom Figurines | Funny Cake Toppers - Bride at Finish Line with Victorious Groom Figurine |

There are also cake toppers for different stages of your relationship, from a stylish “Expecting” figurine for expecting parents to a very sweet “Still In Love” figurine for older couples.

"Expecting" Bridal Couple Figurine - Pregnant Bride Cake Topper | "Still In Love" Mature Couple Figurine - Older Married Couple Cake Topper |


Furthermore, we also offer a beautiful pair of traditional Indian bride and groom figurines:

Traditional Indian Bride in Red Sari and Traditional Indian Groom Figurine Cake Toppers |

Mix and Match Porcelain Wedding Cake Toppers

Our range of hand-painted porcelain cake toppers also includes a selection of stand-alone cake topper figurines, from which you can “mix and match” to create the perfect cake topper couple. E.g. like these interchangeable “True Romance” bride and groom cake toppers:

Interchangeable True Romance Bride and Groom Cake Toppers |

Same Sex Wedding Cake Toppers

These mix and match cake toppers cater for all different types of couples from skin tone to sexual orientation. For a lesbian wedding you can take your pick of these gorgeous mix and match bride cake toppers to create a stunning cake topper couple:

Beautiful Mix and Match Bride Cake Toppers - Same Sex Wedding Cake Toppers - Lesbian Wedding Cake Toppers | above: Trendy Bride Porcelain Figurine and Bride Blowing Kisses Cake Topper

Mix and Match Bride Cake Toppers |, clockwise from top left: #1 Fan Cheering Bride Cake Topper Figurine | “Read My Sign” Bride Cake Topper | “Curvy and Burly” Cake TopperFashionable Bride In Elegant Pants Suit Cake Topper

And for a gay wedding, grooms can pick from our range of charming mix and match groom cake toppers:

Mix and Match Groom Cake Toppers - Mix and Match Groom Cake Topper Ideas - Same Sex Wedding Cake Toppers - Gay Wedding Cake Toppers |, clockwise from top left: “A Love Citation” Policeman Groom Cake Topper“Love Serenade” Guitar Playing Groom Cake Topper | “To the Rescue!” Fireman Groom Cake TopperGroom In Traditional Morning Suit Figurine

Completely Personalised Weddiing Cake Toppers

While Confetti’s porcelain cake toppers are able to be personalised they may not look exactly like you though, so you may decide to instead opt for a completely custom cake topper from a professional sculptor/model maker that’s made to your exact specifications. It will be a lovely one-of-a-kind memento and keepsake after your wedding day, and perhaps even a future family heirloom.

Katie and Ian’s Superhero Themed Real Wedding - Personalised Superhero Wedding Cake Topper - Superhero Wedding Cake - Superhero Cupcakes | above: Katie and Ian’s Superhero Themed Real Wedding

Children Wedding Cake Toppers

Your wedding cake topper doesn’t just have to be for the couple—Confetti have a range of children cake toppers of babies, toddlers, and preteens that are perfect to represent your flower girls and/or page boys and any children of your own you might have. (Shown below with our “Mr. & Mrs.” porcelain figurine with ampersand).

Children Cake Toppers - Flower Girl and Page Boy Cake Toppers with Mr and Mrs Porcelain Figurine Wedding Cake Topper With Ampersand - Family Cake Toppers on a Greenery Green and White Cake |

Motif Wedding Cake Toppers

Another popular wedding cake topper idea is to use a symbol or motif, like the below trinity knot framed by a heart. The trinity knot (or “triquetra”) is a Celtic symbol that represents “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” and so is a lovely cake topper for a religious wedding. But knot-tying can also be a big part in alternative unity ceremonies such as a hand fasting wedding ceremony. Furthermore, you can just as easily use a motif that isn’t laden with symbolism and is simply something you like, such as a snowflake for a winter wedding.

Handfasting and Tying the Knot Ceremony - Heart framed trinity knot cake topper |

Themed/Novelty Wedding Cake Toppers

Similarly, you may choose to have a themed cake topper to show off your hobbies or interests: a pair of Mickey Mouse ears for a Disney themed wedding? A fairytale castle cake topper? And how about these very cute R2D2 and BB8 cake toppers for a Star Wars inspired wedding?

Bride and Groom R2D2 Cake Toppers with Veil and Top Hat and Bride and Groom BB8 Cake Toppers with Veil and Top Hat by army wife artist on Etsy | above: R2D2 and BB8 Bride and Groom Cake Toppers by ArmyWifeArtist on Etsy

Fairy Tale Dreams Castle Cake Topper - Fairytale Castle Cake Topper | above: Fairytale Dreams Castle Cake Topper

Flowers, Fruit, and Spices

Flowers are always a favourite alternative cake topper to figurines, and they can be works of art (especially when arranged in a decorate cage or container).

Floral Cake Topper - Summer Wedding Cake with Cage Cake Topper - Crown Cake Topper - Yellow Floral Wedding Cake |

And decorating cakes with fruit or spices (like cinnamon sticks) are some of the easiest and most effective wedding cake topper ideas. That doesn’t have to mean just neatly arranging pieces of fruit on top though—have you ever considered carving lovely designs into apples, as shown in our selection of alternative wedding catering ideas?

You may even choose to do a mix of different kinds of cake toppers, or use something a little more alternative like this Easter- or love-bird-themed wedding cake with a miniature bird’s nest.

Easter Wedding Cake with Nest and Easter Egg - Love Bird Wedding Theme - Woodland Wedding Cake |

Signs/Bunting Wedding Cake Toppers

It’s very easy these days to have a tailor-made sign as your wedding cake topper (perhaps laser-cut for an even more ornate finish). We also love these charming bunting-wedding-cake-toppers which are full of homespun charm and very easy to DIY—check out how to make them in our Mini Bunting DIY. You can even combine this idea with words by using personalised signs with your names on or celebratory wording such as this “Just Married” cake bunting.

Mini Paper Bunting - DIY Cake Bunting - Mini Bunting for Cakes and Cupcakes - Wedding Bunting Ideas

Wedding Cake Accessories

Your wedding cake will, most likely, be a big part of your wedding reception, so you’ll want to make sure you present it in the best possible way through wedding cake accessories such as paper napkins, paper plates and boxes, cake serving sets, and wedding cake stands.

Pink and Gold Floral Rose Cupcakes and Ornate Gold Cake or Pie Server | above: “Fancy Another?” rectangular “Modern Floral” tray and Ornate Gold Cake or Pie Server

Furthermore, your wedding cake topper will probably become a treasured keepsake after your wedding day and could even be brought back out again during your various wedding anniversary milestones. Until then, don’t hide it away in a drawer—show it off on a beautiful cake topper display stand complete with a photo frame that’s perfect for a wedding photo, a  copy of your wedding certificate, or a copy of your wedding vows. (Also featured below: “Indie Style” wedding couple figurine).

Wooden Keepsake Display Stand - Cake Topper Display stand - Personalised Wooden Keepsake Wedding Picture and Display Stand with "Indie Style" Wedding Couple Figurine |

For more on wedding cakes, don’t miss our pick of beautiful spring and summer inspired wedding cakes!

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