pizza wedding ideas

Pizza Wedding Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

It’s pretty much an indisputable fact that everyone loves pizza, and serving pizza at your wedding will delight your guests and guarantee that your wedding goes down in history as the greatest ever. We caught up with Stephen McCarty, owner of the Wedding Pizza Company, to explore all the pizza wedding ideas out there for your big day.

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pizza wedding ideas

Having Pizza at Your Wedding: The Best Pizza Wedding Ideas


Tell us about The Wedding Pizza Company?

The Wedding Pizza Company started in 2017. After working in the City for many years I sold my business and was finally able to follow my passion for food. I was given a RoccBox pizza oven for a birthday, and everyone who tasted the pizzas I made encouraged me to go further and start a restaurant.

Rather than diving in we started at Warwick market on a Saturday before booking a few private parties. We converted our first horse box, Raphael, later that year, with our second, Donatello, arriving in September 2018. We have now catered over 50 events service more than 3,000 pizzas, and have another 40 booked in for this year.

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What kind of pizza do you serve at weddings?

We serve a sourdough Neapolitan style pizza which is characterised by a thin base and light puffy crust. We import our dough from Naples, and our sauce is home-made, taking over 12 hours to cook. We grow our own basil and as many of the vegetables come from our own garden.

pizza wedding food

What kind of wedding does pizza catering suit?

Each one of our converted horse boxes have 2 ovens and can produce 40 pizzas per hour when in full flow.

We recommend one box for parties with up to 100 guests, and two boxes if we are feeding any more than that. The look works really well in a “festival” setting or outside in the gardens of houses or hotels.

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Can you have it as the wedding breakfast or is it more suited to the evening party food?

Most people use us as the evening food, as it’s ideal to keep guests going late into the night.

We can be used as the main event as we can made garlic breads and provide salads, as well as making our own baked cheesecake. Next year we are launching The Wedding Steak Company, so will be offering a full day of amazing food.

Can you cater for gluten-free guests, vegans and vegetarians?

We are increasingly being asked for vegan pizza, and after months of experimentation we have found cheese that melts! We always offer a vegetarian option, and we can supply gluten free bases.

What are your most popular flavours at weddings?

Our most popular pizza is the “3 Little Pigs” (pepperoni, salami, and bacon) although once eaten, the Canadian (bacon and maple syrup) is very popular.

We make everything to order, so we get some interesting requests, including a member of the Royal Family asking for ‘as much meat as you can get on it’!

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Where do you stand on the whole Hawaiian pizza debate?

It’s just wrong (and very sticky to make), but the client is always right…

[Editor’s note: It’s actually not wrong and is an essential when it comes to pizza wedding ideas.]

How can guests make serving pizza at their wedding more personal to them?

We encourage all our hosts to name the pizzas, as produce a blackboard for each event. So far we have had pizzas named after bars at ski resorts, characters from The Italian Job, and famous Liverpool football players.

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What kind of response do you usually get?

The best thing about this job is the feedback, however slurred! We get a lot of business by word of mouth, and we have has one client book us three times (not all for weddings!).

What kind of drinks would you suggest serving alongside the pizza at a wedding?

Pretty much everything works – we have strong flavours, so a red wine goes well with a meat pizza, and white wine or champagne with a margherita. Beer works with anything!

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Anything else you’d like to add when it comes to pizza wedding ideas?

The best thing about pizza is that it not only works great in the evening, but can also be eaten for breakfast if you pop it in the microwave. Top tip: put a glass of water in with it when you reheat as it stops it doing soggy!

If you’re looking for pizza wedding ideas for your big day, make sure you check out the Wedding Pizza Company. Serving pizza at your wedding – whether it’s by the slice to accompany drinks, as your main meal or at the evening party – will go down a storm with your guests.

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