Prosecco Wedding Ideas

Prosecco Wedding Ideas for Those Who Love Bubbly

Who doesn’t love prosecco? It’s fun, it’s bubbly and it tastes good – and it’s more affordable than champagne! There’s a lot to be said about prosecco so we’ve rounded up the best prosecco wedding ideas for you.

If you’re not too keen on prosecco and are looking for alternative drink ideas at your reception, then check out our how to guide to stock the bar at your wedding.


15 Prosecco Wedding Ideas to Enjoy on Your Wedding Day

Pimp Your Prosecco Bar

Pimp your prosecco bars have become a popular wedding trend in recent years. If you are a prosecco lover and the majority of your guests are too, then this is the perfect way to get the bubbly flowing on your big day.

All you need for a pimp your prosecco bar is, of course, lots of bubbly and then a selection of juices and purees, cordials and sodas, liquors, fruit and garnishes. This is a great way to let your guests get creative and also a fantastic way to keep them occupied when your off getting wedding photos taken.

Pimp Your Prosecco

If you’re planning your wedding on a budget, then you should really check out our guide to a DIY Bubbly Bar for your wedding reception.

Prosecco Lights DIY

More DIY wedding ideas include Prosecco Lights. Get yourself an empty bottle of prosecco (large or small) and fill it up with little fairy lights. This is a fantastic way to add to the décor of your reception and also a good way to set the mood in the evening.

Prosecco Candle

There are many ways to incorporate your love for prosecco into your big day and prosecco scented candles are a superb way to do this. These candles are not only a perfect way to set the mood, but they also give off a delicious prosecco fragrance.

Your guests will love the amount of effort you’ve put into your big day with these!

Prosecco Candle

Prosecco Pong

A classy twist on beer pong! Prosecco Pong is a great game to get all your guests playing on your wedding day and it’s also a fantastic icebreaker. Prosecco Pong is the perfect way to get your wedding party started.

Prosecco Pong

If you know your guests will enjoy this idea, then check out these wedding entertainment ideas that your guests will love. 

Prosecco Toast

Wedding toasts are usually done with a glass of Champagne, but if that’s not your taste and you want to stick to your prosecco theme, then break the tradition and toast with a glass of prosecco instead.

Before you stock up on the bubbly, make sure you ask your venue if they have a corkage charge – it’s one of the essential questions you should ask your wedding venue.

Prosecco Ice Pops

If your planning on having a summer wedding, then this idea is the one for you. Why not make prosecco ice pops to cool your guests down on a hot summer day. If you’re looking for budget-friendly ideas for your wedding, then this is ideal for you. Prosecco ice pops can be easily made at home before your big day.

Prosecco Ice Pops

If you are planning on having little guests at your wedding, then keep them happy with a wedding ice cream sundae bar.

Prosecco Van

Another great prosecco wedding idea is a prosecco Van. The Tipple Box is a vintage horse box that has been lovingly restored and converted into an exciting mobile prosecco bar. Serving chilled prosecco, this is a unique idea that you and your guests will love.

Prosecco Van

Find out more about The Tipple Box here.

Prosecco Cocktails

Prosecco isn’t for everyone and not everyone enjoys the taste, so offering cocktails are a fantastic prosecco wedding idea that will please everyone. Prosecco themed cocktails can include passionfruit martinis, gin, elderflower and prosecco cocktails and prosecco margaritas to name a few.

Prosecco Wedding Ideas

Prosecco Fountain

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate prosecco and wow your guests at the same time, then a prosecco fountain is the way to do it. A stunning centrepiece at any wedding reception, this fountain filled with prosecco is a stylish way to enjoy the bubbly.

Prosecco Fountain

Prosecco Wedding Favours

Wedding favours can be hit and miss a lot of the time, so why not ace yours with mini prosecco favours. You can include mini bottles of prosecco and prosecco flavoured gummies to really make your guests happy.

If you want more brilliant ideas like this, then check out the most amazing wedding favours.

Prosecco Wedding Invitations

There are also prosecco wedding ideas before your big day is even in sight. Sending prosecco wedding invitations are a fantastic way to get your guests excited about your wedding and also set the theme.

Prosecco Proposals

Again, this is another prosecco wedding idea before your big day. Why not ask your chosen person to be your bridesmaid by giving them a personalised prosecco bottle that asks the question. Your bridesmaids will love this idea!

Want more proposal ideas? Then check out 20 of the best bridesmaid proposal ideas. 

Glitter Prosecco

Make your prosecco shimmer and sparkle with edible peach flavoured glitter. This shimmer drops contains edible gold leaf hearts and will make your prosecco look amazing. No boring old prosecco with this! Simply add a few drops to your prosecco and you’re ready to go.

Prosecco Glitter

Prosecco Wedding Cake

Other prosecco wedding ideas include prosecco wedding cake. If you really love the taste of the bubbly stuff, then baking it into your wedding cake is a fantastic way to enjoy it on your wedding day. This is a great idea, especially if you’re planning on making the cake yourself.

Prosecco Wedding Ideas

Before you start cutting into your wedding cake check out our top tips for wedding cake etiquette.

Prosecco Bathing Gel

After a heavy night of partying why not treat yourself and even your guests with some prosecco bathing gel. This luxurious and stylish vintage bottle filled with bathing gel doesn’t actually contain any alcohol, but it is still equally relaxing.

Prosecco Bath Gel

Prosecco, the glass of bubbles that we all know and love, is a great addition to any wedding and it’s easy to see why!

Now that you have your wedding drinks sorted why don’t you check out these beautifully personalised bottle labels that add the perfect finishing touch.

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