The Biscuit Wedding Cake

Biscuit wedding cakes and iced biscuit favours in the shape of little wedding cakes are the latest trend since Prince William asked for a royal wedding cake made from chocolate biscuits. A tasty alternative to cake at any celebration, stunningly iced biscuits make ideal wedding favours and alternative wedding cakes as you’ll see from some of the gorgeous and highly decorative biscuits we’ve rounded up for you here.

The biscuit wedding cake

Royal biscuitcake


If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional iced fruit cake and the contemporary cupcake then a biscuit wedding cake could be for you. There are several variations on the biscuit wedding cake ranging from the extravagant large royal wedding cake (like William & Kate’s, above) made of chocolate biscuits to the tiny cakes made of layers of biscuit held together by icing, jam or cream into tiered wedding cake shapes. The cutting of the cake might not be quite what it would be with a fruit or sponge but it is very unusual and creates a real talking point for a memorable wedding reception.

Make your own biscuit wedding cake

Cookie biscuit cake
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Making your own biscuit wedding cake will take time to perfect so allow for practice before hand. Find a biscuit recipe you love and decide on the shape and style of your intended cake. The trick with a biscuit wedding cake is to create layers and layers of different shaped biscuits that build into a tall tower in a similar style to a multi-tiered wedding cake.

If making your own seems a little too adventurous for you then commission one to be made, just as you wish – to your taste, shape and style and to coordinate with your colour scheme and overall wedding theme. Have your cake maker personalise it to include your names iced into a layer or add a cake topper as you would do for a traditional wedding cake.

Biscuit cake from Yoonsywp

Wedding cake biscuits

Wedding biscuits
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Beautifully iced biscuits in the shape of wedding cakes, decorated with tiers of intricate detail are a wonderful modern must-have for the most stylish of weddings. Present each guest with their own iced cookie as individually wrapped favours to make a lovely alternative to the traditional sugared almonds. For top class wedding cake biscuits order (in good time) from your local bakery or specialist cake makers or if you are particularly brave, bake and ice your own with the help of an arty friend or relative.

Wedding cake biscuit place cards

Personalised wedding dictionary
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To make your wedding cake biscuits extra special have them iced with each guest’s name so they double as place cards. Wouldn’t you want to sit down and see your name iced onto the most beautiful little work of edible art instead of written or printed on just a piece of card?

Wedding cake biscuit centrepieces

Wedding biscuits
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For an unusual table centrepiece, there is so much you can do with cake biscuits. Put a large one in an oversize martini glass for the guests to share, build a tower of mini-biscuits on a tiered cake stand, or simply arrange several colourfully iced biscuits into a centre bowl and surround with flowers or light.

Wedding cake biscuit favours

Wrapped wedding biscuits
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Wrap each biscuit in its own cellophane tied with coloured ribbon or place into individual chiffon favour bags for a gorgeous edible gift to each one of your guests.

Wedding cake biscuit
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Follow the alternative biscuit theme by going for an unusual biscuit wedding cake and wedding cake shaped biscuits to ensure a stylish and slightly different wedding all your guests will remember.

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