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Vegan Wedding Reception Food

Vegans don’t consume any animal products, and this is becoming an increasingly popular diet choice. A few years ago, it was a little unusual to see even a vegetarian wedding meal being served, let alone a vegan one, but today it’s not so remarkable and there are many wonderful choices to chew over. Take a look at’s guide to vegan wedding reception food!

Vegan Wedding Reception Food |
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There’s a growing demand for vegan wedding caterers; some couples choose a vegan wedding menu to reflect their own tastes but, even if you’re not changing your diet yourself, it’s very likely nowadays that you’ll want to consider vegan options for some of your guests. If you want someone to attend your wedding, it’s important that you respect their diet choice. It’s only good manners!

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Many people, it has to be said, can’t even conceive what a vegan diet comprises—what can you eat when you can’t have meat, fish, eggs, gelatine products, anything dairy, and even honey? But contrary to popular opinion, vegans can and do enjoy a wide range of foods. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, and beans are all still on the table and make some pretty impressive, tasty dishes—vegans are often more willing to experiment with what they have, so vegan meals tend to be pretty adventurous (mainly because they have to be!).

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Your wedding catering will by no means suffer if you choose a vegan menu—even deserts like ice cream and chocolate are still a possibility—and you can still have the wedding cake you always wanted. The trick is to find a caterer who offers you a varied, imaginative vegan menu, and that way there should be enough choice to tempt even the meat-eaters. For couples who would like their non-vegan guests to try a vegan dish without forcing it on them, it may be a good idea to offer cute vegan wedding favours in sweet little favour boxes like these “Blooming” flower boxes!

White and Gold Blooming Flower Favour Box |

The greatest reward of all is when your guests (especially those who might never have tried a taste of the vegan diet) really enjoy vegan food; you’ll be thanked for catering to the tastes of your vegan and vegetarian guests, too!

For more information on vegan catering, there are a huge array of websites available.

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