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Wedding Street Food: Everything You Need to Know

Are you thinking of changing up your wedding catering? More and more couples are embracing unusual wedding catering trends, and having street food at your wedding is such a cool way to do this. We asked wedding street food caterers Baz & Fred, who’ve just opened Yardspace, a new wedding venue designed around street food style weddings, to talk us through everything you need to know.

How does street food work at a wedding?

The street food style wedding can work in a couple different ways.  If a couple would like their guests to eat all together, then we can serve the food in a street food style banquet.


Picture one long banquet table with all of our delicious food placed in the middle for people to help themselves to.  Informal, fun and casual dining. 

The other option is to take advantage of our open kitchens which are situated outside in the cloisters and collect food directly from there. Our couples have multiple food choices to pick from, so they could have a summer street food wedding which would be like your own mini festival.

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How is it different to the traditional wedding catering set up?

A traditional set up is more along the lines of a silver service three course meal with a table plan with months, and months of planning. At Old Gore we have based the wedding around the beautifully renovated barn and its idyllic setting in the Cotswolds topped with the theatrics of cooking from the open kitchens or our Argentine Asado fire pit. 

What choices do I have?

There is a whole variety of options to choose from.  If you go for the Asado fire pit you can have whole Asado lambs, Spatchcock chickens or steaks all cooked over wood. For the vegetarians we have ash cooked butternut squash, with lentils rocket and gremolata. Think flavour in fire! 

If the Asado pit isn’t for you then you have the option to pick from one of our street food kitchens such as poke bowls, tacos, the infamous Baz & Fred pizzas or dry aged juicy burgers.  These can be served as the main meal or even as a late-night food option.

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Will my guests like it? 

Yes! The brilliant thing about what we offer is that all your guests have multiple options of delicious well thought out menus that can cater to all needs.

Is street food more budget friendly than typical wedding catering?

The short answer is yes. The informality of street food offerings at our wedding allows our couples’ budgets to go into other aspects of their day like our prosecco truck, or another kitchen!

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What are the benefits of having street food wedding catering?

Baz and Fred’s has been cooking street food at weddings for the late night food for over a decade  now and one thing that we have seen time and time again is couples looking to have an informal wedding but have not been able to find a venue that hasn’t convinced them out of it as they are used to doing things in the traditional manner. This would result in us being called up as late night street food option. 

This is where the idea of Yardspace was born, we are designing and building the venue with street food in mind as that’s what we know, and love. The essence of street food is fun, informal, laid back and, most importantly, absolutely delicious. 

Recent times have forced people to completely re-think weddings and do something much more casual with smaller numbers. This seems to have kick started a movement away from the old-fashioned notion of a traditional wedding and move to something where there is much less planning, stress and money involved.  

Even though this is our first wedding venue for Baz and Fred’s, we are linked to the Cripps and Co wedding venues so we have the benefit of 20 years of experience in building wedding venues and providing amazing weddings which allows us to benefit from all of their expertise and industry knowledge, whilst offering a completely different style of wedding, incorporating our street food vibe.

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Does wedding street food have to be served outside, from a van?

We are looking to have a couple mobile options such as a prosecco truck and a sweet truck which we’ll be able to move around outside or place under the Dutch barn next to the open kitchens, however, the rest of the street food kitchens are in the cloisters, next to the banquet room.

To get an idea of how we like to build our kitchens, head to one of our pubs; The Stump pub or The New Inn in Coln.  Both are offering food on the Old Gore menu from our open kitchens located in the heart of each pub.

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How much input can I have on the menu?

We are open to discuss any possibilities as long as it fits in with what we are offering.

Can I have street food as the wedding breakfast, or is it more for evening buffets?

Of course!

Can you provide different options? What about vegetarians/vegans?

Yes, we have delicious vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian options throughout our menu. Check them out on the website.

What about drinks?

We have our own in-house wine buyer who sources wines from across Europe directly from the vineyard.  This allows us to miss out the middleman and offer delicious wine at great value. 

We will also have our fully stocked bar with a range of the classic lagers and ciders. 

Plus, we will also have our very own Stump Deya Session IPA, brewed by our friends at Deya Brewery in Cheltenham for our pub, The Stump, and people can’t seem to get enough of it!

And sweet options? 

Currently we have two options of Churros and gelato.  However, we will add more options as time passes and we are always open to suggestions

What if street food isn’t for me, but nor is more formal catering?

This is why we offer the Argentine fire pit, where we can offer Asado Lamb, fillet steaks and spatchcock chicken. 

This of course could be thought of as street food, however you could make use of the banquet table and have various options from there placed down the centre of the table for people to feast on. This would include vegetarian options, salads and so on.

How can I find out more?

Head to the Yard Space website and submit an enquiry and one of our brilliant team will talk you through it on the phone or via email. 

We are offering Facetime viewings during lockdown and normal viewings when restrictions are finally lifted. We have set up an online quote system where you can enter what you would like on your day and you will receive a fully costed quote that gives you guidance on roughly how much your wedding will cost.

If you love this idea, make sure you check out some more barn wedding venues that will suit your street food style wedding.

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