Recipe Gift Book Modern Design |

Recipe Gift Book

Recipe Gift has the ultimate personalised wedding present from all of your guests; a unique celebration cook book full of recipes from all of your friends and family.a gift the bride and groom will treasure long after their wedding day.

Recipe Gift Book Modern Design |
Recipe Gift Book

Personalise Your Wedding Gift List with Recipe Gift Book

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Still wondering what to do about your wedding gift list? enables friends and family to give a truly meaningful gift to the bride and groom; the gift of a recipe!

Create a beautiful keepsake to celebrate your wedding day: a cookbook filled with recipes from all your wedding guests. Whether it’s treasured family recipes or modern favourites, your guests will have fun sharing their recipes, photos, and personal messages with you. Guests simply add their recipes online and then, following your wedding, a charming hardback cookbook is sent to you.

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Creating a ‘recipe gift book’ is a great way to bring both families together in the run up to a wedding. It’s a special cookbook and a wonderful way to collect precious recipes and create something unique to celebrate your marriage.

Why Choose Recipe Gift Book?

  • The finished recipe book is free for the bride and groom. The guests just pay £4.99 to add a page to the book.
  • Registration is easy, and adding recipes, photos and personal messages online is a lot of fun!
  • The couple can choose from six recipe book designs and personalise the front cover title to make their book unique.
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  • We also offer a voucher service, allowing guests to supplement their recipe contribution with a gift voucher for a range of high street stores and travel agents.
  • We keep track of which guests have added recipes and email the couple to let them know who has taken part. Guests receive an email thanking them for their contribution.
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  • When complete, the couple will receive a beautiful hardback book, presented in a gift box.
  • The couple can order additional copies of their recipe book and even allow guests to purchase a copy too.

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Why not register today and create a future family heirloom?

Take a look at their introductory video to find out more:

Find out more about Recipe Gift Book here.

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