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Your Menu Abroad

Your wedding reception abroad could be far more exotic than any British wedding breakfast, with seafood fresh from the ocean or authentic local cuisine. Eat al-fresco in the warm sun and enjoy stunning views late into the night. Here’s what to consider before you book your reception, have your cake made and arrange your menu abroad.

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Arrange a Tasting

With sumptuous locally sourced produce your venue could serve up some amazing meals that make your wedding even more memorable. It’s important to feel confident that your overseas wedding venue does great food and essential to check before booking.


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If you are travelling to the venue during your wedding planning, try to arrange a tasting, to make sure you like the menus available and the food is right. If you’ve chosen a wedding package with a hotel, some or all of the catering is likely to be included in the price.

Ibiza Wedding Shop sunset barbeque
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Find out in advance if any of your guests have specific dietary requirements such as vegetarian or vegan or any food allergies and intolerances such as dairy or gluten. Check that the venue will cater for any them by offering suitable alternatives.

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Wedding Cake

Having a cake made abroad can be a wonderful idea as it gives you the opportunity to enjoy something that is traditional to the country you’re visiting.  If you’re getting married in France then you could have a traditional French wedding cake made, a croquembouche, a tower of profiteroles held together by threads of caramel, or a Macaroon tower in every colour of the rainbow.

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Photo courtesy of Maison Blanc

If a particular style or design is important to you, it may be wise to have it made close to home. If so, it is crucial to tell your cake designer that you plan to take your cake abroad, as it will affect the design and filling of the cake. Sponge cake, for example, is not appropriate as it should be made only a few days before the wedding. Equally, a delicate design is unlikely to survive a trip to the airport and a plane journey. Your cake designer should, if asked, create something that will travel well and will also package it for the journey. Again, this is something you need to discuss with the airline, as your cake will need to travel as hand luggage.

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Photo courtesy of Astir Odysseus Kos Resort and Spa Greece

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