10 Things to do Between Your Ceremony and Reception

You spend months planning, organising and arranging your perfect W Day. You agonise over the dress, the venue, the bridal party, the cake, the caterer; you leave no stone unturned in your search for wedding day perfection. You’ll have planned both the ceremony and the reception to the nines, but we caution you: don’t get caught up in the showmanship of your wedding day! Don’t forget to spend some time reconnecting with your spouse, replenishing yourself and preparing for the long night of partying that lies ahead. Use the precious moments between the ‘I do!’ and the after party wisely. We’ll show you how with 10 things to do between your ceremony and reception:

10 Things to do Between Your Ceremony and Reception


1. Just the Two of You

Image courtesy of Francesca & Arun’s Fusion Real Wedding

After the whirlwind of walking down the aisle and all the emotions you’ve experienced, take a few moments to reconnect with the person who made it all possible: your other half and new spouse! Find a quiet space at your venue where the two of you can spend a few moments relishing in the achievement of getting married. After all the stress and build up to W Day, you’ll both enjoy the time away from prying eyes to remind you why you fell in love in the first place.

2. Get the Formal Photos Out of the Way

While your makeup is still fresh and your hair in tact, corral your bridal party and escort them to your venue’s best spots for formal photos. A reputable photographer will have already helped you scope out the locations you want to feature in your photos, so just stick to the plan you made before the big day and capture the moment forever on film. Don’t forget to invite the photographer in for a few intimate couples shots before you involve the entire bridal party.

3. Grab a Bite to Eat and a Cuppa

Image courtesy of Abigail and Chris’s Real Christmas Wedding

Photos done and dusted, make sure you spend a few minutes having a quick bite to eat. We’re not suggesting you go whole hog with a four-course dinner, but you might want a nibble of something small, especially if you were too nervous or giddy to have breakfast the morning of!

4. Wardrobe Change

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Image courtesy of Laura and Kenneth’s Real Wedding

Many brides nowadays have two wedding dresses: an ultra luxe outfit for the ceremony and a more demure ensemble they can move in so they’re able to hit the dancefloor during the reception. If you’re one of the trendy brides with two dresses, now’s your chance to make a wardrobe change! Don’t forget to enlist the help of your chief bridesmaid or new spouse; getting in and out of wedding dresses is tag-team event! And don’t forget the shoes, too!

5. Powder your Nose

The soft elegant look of a winter bride from Confetti.co.uk
All that snuggling with your love, smiling for photos, having a bite and shimmying out of the dress and you’ve probably rubbed off some of your makeup. Spend a few minutes touching up or transitioning from your daytime face to a sexy, sultry look for the nighttime do. Smoky eyes and a richer, deeper shade of lipstick combined with more dramatic eyelashes and you’ll go from wedding day luxe to reception glam in a flash.

6. Have a Quiet Word with Mum and Dad

Image courtesy of Joanna & Tristan’s Real Wedding

Arrange to have a quiet word with mum and dad and your new in-laws to thank them for their involvement with your special day. Now would be a good time to give them a little token of your appreciation such as a memento from the day that they can cherish. Shop Confetti.co.uk’s gift ranges for the ideal present for mum and dad.

7. Tidy the Ceremony Venue

Okay, this isn’t one for you to do, but just double check with your chief bridesmaid or best man that they’re available to make sure all the decorations are removed after the ceremony. Of course, you’ll want them around for the bridal party photos, so ask them to sneak off after the photos are through and get everything boxed up. If your venue is providing staff to do this or if they don’t mind leaving your wedding decor until the following the day, let your chief bridesmaid or best man relax and enjoy the day.

8. Take a Peek at your Reception Set Up

Image courtesy of Devina And Shiv’s Real Wedding

Before the venue is overrun with guests, find some time to slip into your reception venue and have a good nosy around. You’ll probably have spent much of the previous day adding last minute finishing touches and haven’t had a chance to admire how stunning you’ve made the venue look. Arm in arm with your spouse, survey the transformation and get ready to invite your guests in to party long into the night.

9. Take a Wee Break

Sometime after you’ve removed yourself from your dress and before you slip into the next (if you’re having a wardrobe change) make time to pop to the bathroom for a wee!

10. Study your Speeches

Image courtesy of Becki and Rob’s Real Wedding

In the final few moments before showtime commences and it’s time to make your grand entrance at your reception, spend a few minutes going over your speech! Although many grooms handle the speech delivery themselves, a rising number of brides is stepping up to the mic to speak a few words of their own! If you’re one of these savvy sisters with something to say, rehearse your lines so you’re not caught off guard.

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