How to write your own wedding vows

Writing your own vows can make your wedding ceremony even more meaningful–you can include children, family and friends. You have total control! So be creative and personalise your wedding day by creating your own memorable wedding vows.

own wedding vows


Have you always fancied yourself as a writer? Are you desperate to share with your friends and family just how deeply you feel for your husband or wife‐to‐be? Well now’s your chance.

Whether you’ve chosen a church or civil wedding ceremony, or you’re having  a full wedding or simply renewing your vows, you’ll find there are certain statutory things that must be said in order for a marriage to be legal. But there are evermore opportunities these days for brides and grooms to personalise their wedding vows by writing sections themselves.

Not only does writing your own vows make your wedding ceremony even more meaningful, it also gives you the chance to include others such as your children, family and friends, when you declare your love for each other and you can even add an element of humour to make the occasion more memorable if you like!

You might prefer traditional‐style wedding vows for a church ceremony or something a bit more modern for a civil ceremony, but above all, the most important element of your wedding vows should be sincerity. Write your vows from the heart, then speak and mean them from the heart on your big day.

Follow our guide, read our top tips for vows that wow, cast your eye over our sample vows, invest in a copy of Wedding readings, poems & vows and you can produce wedding vows that will leave your partner weak at the knees and your guests green with envy!

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