Confetti being thrown over the bride and groom |

Wedding Confetti: Everything You Need to Know

Delicate and pretty, confetti is thrown into the air in celebration when the bride and groom leave the ceremony as a married couple. The wedding confetti dilemma is generally not about whether it’s wonderful to throw it, but if you’re actually allowed to at your venue. Here’s everything you need to know about confetti, from boxes, bags and cones to fabulous eco-friendly types and table confetti for decoration.

Wedding confetti being thrown over the bride and groom |
Confetti being thrown over the bride and groom

The History of Wedding Confetti

The tradition of throwing wedding confetti is said to have originated during the middle ages in Northern Italy and has certainly been around in the UK since Pagan times. Before paper confetti, there were flowers, petals, grains or rice thrown at the happy couple, to bestow prosperity and fertility. Today confetti comes in a myriad of shapes, colours and styles for throwing up into the air in celebration, throwing onto the aisle by flower girls for the entrance of the bride, and for decoration at the reception. Wedding confetti also now comes in the form of wooden cut-outs (which are not for throwing!) and some even feature personalised labels, words or images of the bride and groom. You can also get other personalised items for your wedding to match.


Wedding confetti cones |
Confetti cones

Natural Eco-Friendly Wedding Confetti

Natural petals and biodegradable tissue paper remain the most popular wedding confetti, and as a rule you should always ask whether your guests are allowed to throw confetti as every wedding venue is different. When it comes to throwing confetti outside, the most popular type with venues is the natural petal confetti as it is biodegradable and is therefore no different to tree blossom falling on the ground, the rain will simply wash it away into nothing in time. If you’d rather not have petals thrown then there are also other types of natural biodegradable confetti in a choice of colours that can be given to each of your guests by the ushers as they arrive at the ceremony, or left for them to pick up if they want to. Many guests will be happy to see the confetti you have chosen is eco-friendly.

Preserved natural petal wedding confetti |
Preserved natural rose petal confetti | Natural freeze dried delphinium petal confetti

Wedding Confetti for Your Reception Tables

Table confetti is a lovely way to add colour and interest to your wedding reception tables. As table confetti is not thrown outside, it doesn’t have to be biodegradable and so metallic, paper, wooden confetti or silk petals are more often used indoors and can look very pretty scattered. The beauty of these is they can be used to complement almost any colour scheme, and with silk petals, even two-tone petals are available in a variety of flower petal styles including rose, cherry blossom and hydrangea. Table confetti also comes in the shape of words and phrases, with printed messages, and in gorgeous bold and irredscant metallic ranges to catch the light. You could even ask your caterers to gather up the table confetti after the wedding breakfast as a keepsake to be reused at future anniversary or Christmas dinners.

Wedding confetti for tables |
Table confetti: Wooden love | Metallic stars | Crystal gems | Vintage rose paper hearts | Mr and Mrs wooden hearts

Wedding Confetti Boxes and Cones

Leaving small bags, boxes or cones of confetti at the entrance to your ceremony venue for guests to take is the ideal way to have those perfect confetti wedding photos and it also means you can ensure your guests throw the right kind of confetti. Where it’s allowed, it can be great fun to arm the bridal party with confetti cannons or push pops to fill the air with rainbow colours at high speed for an amazing effect. The Pink Ombre Confetti Canon pops with a bang that sends glitering golden confetti into the air. For a natural biodegradable alternative, the Eco-Friendly Push-Pop Confetti, sends a multi-coloured mix of confetti and lavendar buds for a gentle fragrance flying. Another fun variation on this theme is the Pom Pom Push-Pop Confetti that, with the flick of the handle, sends a rainbow mix of pom poms of assorted sizes with iridescent confetti for a very beautiful display.

Wedding confetti boxes and cones |
From top: Transparent confetti cones | Biodegradable confetti |Push pop confetti | Confetti cones | Confetti boxes

More Wedding Confetti

Having wedding confetti thrown over you both as you emerge from your wedding ceremony as a newly married couple is a wonderful visual treat for all your guests, and indeed any passers by. The confetti throwing also makes one of the most romantic wedding photos ever and one that you may want to frame. If you’re not sure if you want or need confetti at your wedding, it’s worth considering that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and you are highly unlikely to ever have confetti thrown over you in celebration again!

Wedding confetti throwing image by Emma-Jane Photography |
Image by Emma-Jane Photography

For more wedding ideas please visit Fun Wedding Photo Ideas, and remember, it’s not a wedding without confetti.

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