Top tips to make your Henna Night a success

The perfect henna night should bring together all the right ingredients, allowing you to relax, letting go of pre‐wedding nerves and enjoy this happy occasion with your closest friends…



Who to invite

Keep the occasion relaxed and intimate by only inviting those who are close to you. Don’t feel pressured into inviting every female relative or friend. There will be other occasions for them to attend.

Theme and décor

Think about the style and the theme you want for this evening. Fresh flowers and plenty of scented tea‐lights will set a lovely mood for the occasion.


Some thought needs to go into the choice of dress for the bride as it needs to be easy to remove without ruining the wet henna. A sari with a tie‐up choli is a popular choice.


The choice of music is essential. You could buy wedding compilation cds or ask a friend to make up a special playlist with all your favourite tunes. Another idea would be to involve friends and family by asking around to see who can play the harmonium or dholki. Hiring a karaoke machine is also a good idea as it involves the guests in a fun‐filled activity.

Food & drink

Don’t depend on take‐away or fast food for this special event. Pre‐order your favourite savoury snacks and sweets. Use dainty crockery and stylish glasses for drinks, it will all add to the overall atmosphere.

Banish distractions

Get rid of that TV and DVD player from the room as it causes an unnecessary distraction. A successful henna night is one filled with laughter, music and dancing, with the exclusion of everyday entertainment.


Henna artist

If you have a fairly long guest list, it might be useful to have more than one henna artist. While the main artist works on intricate designs on your hands and feet, an assistant artist could make simpler motifs for your guests. This ensures that the main artist can take his/her time on your henna, while everyone gets to be involved too.

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