Planning an Asian Wedding During the Covid-19 Pandemic

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of stress to couples trying to plan their weddings in 2020. Weddings have been totally cancelled, permitted guest numbers have gone up and down, and there has been plenty of confusion.

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When it comes to Asian weddings, which typically have 300+ guests, it has been even more challenging to downsize a wedding.

We asked luxury Asian wedding planner Rohita Pabla to provide her advice on how to have a beautiful Asian wedding during the coronavirus pandemic. She shares her expert advice below…

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Be Creative with Your Decor

“One of the key ways to make your Covid-19 Asian wedding luxurious is via the décor you choose,” explains Rohita.

“The décor you choose should complement the style and theme of your wedding. Just because you may only have a small number of guests doesn’t mean we go small on the décor!

“We would highly encourage keeping your décor just as extravagant and luxury as you would have if you were getting married with hundreds of guests. Let’s take, for example, the flowers you have for your luxury Asian wedding.

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“You may have previously opted for silk flowers to save on cost when you were expecting to have hundreds of guests. This is a perfect opportunity to replace these with real flowers. You are unlikely going to require the same quantity of flowers as you had previously estimated. Having real flowers does make a big difference to the look, feel and aroma of your wedding.”

Switching out faux flowers for real ones will cost more – albeit on a smaller scale, so Rohita explains some creative ways around your wedding budget: “If you are going to be having a religious ceremony followed by a reception, have a look at where you could re-use your flowers and décor throughout the whole day. It would be a real shame to only use your beautiful fresh flowers for a few hours.”

There are so many places you can still creatively use flowers at your wedding ceremony and reception, even with a smaller guest list. Rohita shares the most effective ways to use flowers at your wedding: “Go large on your flowers. Flower arrangements create a huge statement piece. Use flowers throughout your intimate Asian wedding. Place them down the aisles, around guests seating, down staircases and frame your ceremony area.”

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“You may have also looked at props from your décor company. Having high-end props to complement your décor really helps create that luxury feel for your intimate Asian wedding. As an example if you’re going for an opulent Bollywood themed Asian wedding then you may consider a large floral elephant.”

Be Bold with Your Catering

There are lots of other creative ways to keep your wedding feeling elaborate as well as decor, Rohita explains: ”Décor isn’t the only way to have a luxury Asian wedding. Catering is a key part to any event including weddings.

“Obviously, the key aspect of catering is the taste of the food. So do ensure that you have done a food tasting (during Covid-19 food tastings may be take-away only) and critiqued your food menu to go with your wedding theme.

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“Also just having nice food doesn’t make your catering luxury. Think about the presentation of your wedding food. If you’re having canapes think about how they will be presented to your guests.

“Also presenting your seated meal; having smaller guest numbers can be an advantage when it comes to presenting your wedding food. Why not opt for pre-plated dining. This way your premium wedding caterer can design each plate specific to each guest and make it fit with your luxury wedding theme.”

Consider the tablescapes at your wedding as a way to keep your wedding feeling grand: “Arrange for your tables to be pre-set with charger plates, these make a big impact on the look of your table layout and help bring that decadent feel.

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“Ensure that there is cutlery for each course already laid out on the table along with luxury glassware. Why not opt for crystal glassware for your intimate pandemic wedding?”

Rohita also suggests considering your table linen too – a small detail that can really transform the feel of your room: ”Look at luxury table linen, this could be a crushed velvet table linen that complements your floral arrangements. Having a coloured table linen can really help with bringing out some of the colours of your downsized but still fabulous Asian wedding.”

Serve Elaborate Cocktail (or Mocktails!)

“Hire in a specialist bar company, even if you aren’t having alcohol at your wedding,” recommends Rohita. “Remember that mixologists can make fresh mocktails as well as cocktails.

“Why not match your bespoke wedding drinks to the theme, décor and food of your wedding. Bar companies can match the colour of the drinks, the names, the taste of the drinks to your luxury wedding theme.”

If you still want to have lots of guests at your wedding, make sure you read about this couple’s ingenious solution – a drive-in Asian wedding!

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