Honeymoon planning during pandemic

Honeymoon Planning in a Pandemic: What to Consider

It has been challenging for so many couples trying to plan a wedding during the coronavirus, but add in trying to plan a honeymoon during a pandemic and it gets even more stressful!

We asked the experts at the Turquoise Holiday Company how and what you should do to guarantee the honeymoon experience of your life, whilst staying safe and free from COVID-19.


What to Consider When Planning a Honeymoon During the Coronavirus Pandemic

MD of Turquoise Holidays, James Bell, who is also known as The Honeymoon Doctor, answered all the questions you might have about how you safely honeymoon during a virus pandemic:

What do couples need to think about if they want to start planning their honeymoon now, during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The key considerations to start the planning process with are climate, duration, and (the dreaded) budget. When couples want to travel is so important – even paradise is miserable in the rain so it’s really important couples understand the climate of the destinations they are looking at. Duration is often overlooked, but how long a couple has to be away is so important.

If a couple has a lot of time, they can see and do lots of different things. However, trying to pack too much into a long-haul holiday becomes stressful and unrelaxing, especially if the honeymoon is straight after the wedding, couples need some R&R time! Budget is always such a difficult one, but I always say it’s much better to have the best room in a more affordable hotel, than the smallest room in a more expensive hotel where you can’t afford to live like royalty!

Finally, style is so important. Choosing a hotel in which you will feel most comfortable, whether chandeliers and gold taps or eco castaway chic, a honeymoon specialist should make sure couples are matched with the perfect accommodation.

Has COVID-19 changed the way couples should plan their honeymoons?

Yes and no. It is more important than ever to book with a reputable operator. As COVID-19 has taught us, you can never plan and predict everything so if something was to go wrong, you need an expert and one point of contact to help sort it out.

Short-term, we are seeing a lot more honeymooners choosing direct flights, remote islands and boutique hotels with few rooms. Here at Turquoise we are helping with flexible booking conditions, refundable deposits and cancellation policies.

What advice would you give to hesitant or nervous brides or grooms?  

I think we all have to be more aware and careful, but you are just as likely to catch COVID at home as you are in the Maldives – in fact right now it’s safer in the Maldives! I wouldn’t never encourage anyone to travel if nervous or unsure though, it’s just not worth the stress.

What if they want to rearrange a honeymoon, where do you begin and what do you do?

Whilst the FCO advises against all but essential travel, we are currently operating a totally refundable deposit, if you have to cancel or rearrange your honeymoon due to COVID-19. If you have had to cancel your honeymoon, we have a team ready to help re-organise and postpone dates.

Hoteliers are extending honeymoon offers and some are even extending additional benefits to those who have had to postpone.

It’s actually a brilliant time for newly engaged couples to book as many of our suppliers are offering 2020 prices for 2021, which is unheard of and represent fabulous value.

How will Turquoise be working to minimise risk for couples going on their honeymoons as restrictions relax?  

Currently insurance policies with reputable providers, cover you should anything happen to you whilst you are abroad. We are hoping this cover will be extended to cover you should cover you should catch COVID-19 before your departure.  

We are receiving daily updates from airlines, transfer companies and hotels about how the precautions they are taking and processes they are implementing to ensure guests feel safe and secure whilst away. Although I am not one to over-sanitise the travel experience, we are minimising risk but providing couples with all the information they need in order to make an informed decision regarding when and whether to travel.  

For even more advice, make sure you watch our video chat with James, where we put questions from real couples to him on Instagram Live!

If the coronavirus pandemic has affected your wedding and honeymoon plans, make sure you read our guide to cancelling or postponing your wedding.

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