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How to Support Your Suppliers if You’re Postponing Your Wedding

2020 hasn’t been particularly kind to wedding planning couples – it’s been a year of heartache and stress for many as they’ve had to postpone or cancel their weddings, and face ever-changing government advice and uncertainty.

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But spare a thought too for the wedding suppliers and businesses that help make weddings a reality – many of whom have lost all their work for the year and are fighting for recognition and support from the government.

We asked wedding planner Natasha Cousins of The Wildflower Wedding Planner what brides and grooms can do to help them out if they are rearranging, cancelling or postponing their weddings.

How to Help Your Wedding Suppliers if You Need to Postpone Your Wedding

Communicate With Your Suppliers

“Communication is key – suppliers know that venue availability will play a significant part in when you postpone to,  but before you confirm a new date with your venue and guests, check your suppliers’ availability,” says Natasha. “There are a lot of moving parts for suppliers with multiple weddings changing dates, so communication from the outset will help with finding a workable solution for both couples and suppliers.”

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Pay What You Can

Everyone’s financial situations have become a bit more precarious since the pandemic began, but wedding suppliers who work solely in the events industry have been hit particularly hard.

“If you can make a payment now – even just a partial payment, or pay a monthly amount off your overall balance – it will be a massive help to your suppliers to manage cashflow until we’re allowed back to work at full capacity again,” explains Natasha.

“This also works the other way round – if your contract with a supplier is “frustrated” and you are entitled to a refund under the CMA guidelines, please understand that many suppliers are not in a position to be able to pay this back in full right away. Suppliers do not want to be in this position as much as you don’t, so work with them to find a solution that eases the strain for both parties.”

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Don’t Try to Bend the Rules

It is incredibly frustrating to be subjected to so many restrictions, especially when you’ve been planning this day for months. But the guidelines are in place to try and manage the risk of further outbreaks for everyone’s safety.

“Please don’t ask suppliers to find, or work within ‘loopholes’ in the guidance.  We understand that the current guidelines are tricky and not what any of us want. But the risk to people’s health, and suppliers livelihoods, is too great to ignore. Suppliers must act with integrity and abide by the regulations just like everyone else,” says Natasha.

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Be Kind

It can be easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed when nothing is going to plan, and everything is out of your control, but remember you’re not alone in this situation.

“This point definitely works both ways,” Natasha says. “The majority of suppliers are bending over backwards to make things easier for our couples, but kindness, compassion and understanding goes a long way.

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“For many of us in the wedding industry, our job is our passion and we are fully invested in your day. Our couples mean so much to us, and we really want to do our best for you.”

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