15 Things Every Couple Planning a Wedding During the Covid-19 Pandemic Knows

Anyone planning a wedding over the past year has been faced with unprecedented levels of stress – it’s been an experience like no other. However, as we’re all being told all the time: we’re all in this together! So here are 15 things every Covid couple knows to be true…

That Fake Grin You Get…

When people say: “At least you can get excited now!” Can we, Sandra? How do we know it’s all going to be okay this time? Your cheeks hurt from smiling at those well-meaning platitudes, and your throat aches from holding in the words you actually want to scream.


That Wine Habit

We’re pretty sure it’s an official statistic that couples trying to plan a wedding during the coronavirus pandemic have seen their wine/gin consumption shoot up by about 100%. After a day of checking in with all your suppliers and studying the guidance, that extra-large last of rosé is NEEDED.

Your Friends Have No Idea

Are they coming to your wedding or not? You don’t know, they don’t know. They’ve bought multiple outfits to suit the seasonal changes and they’re being so good about knowing they’re on the ‘if I’m allowed more guests’ list, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

You Never Want to See a Table Plan Again

You have planned and re-planned your table plan so many times that if you ever see another one again, you may just punch it. And who could blame you?

The Extreme Confusion

Has anyone in Government ever actually got married? And if so, how little wedding planning did they actually do?! The ambiguous guidance, released at the last minute, adds unforetold levels of stress to your planning – how do they not realise?

The Extreme Understanding

Suddenly, due to hours spent watching Weddings Taskforce videos and studying various Government guidance documents, you know the roadmap inside out. You catch yourself quoting exemptions and obscure rules to your friends and family in casual conversation. Who are you?! Who knew planning a wedding required a degree in Government policy…

That Feeling of FOMO

Pre-pandemic, you never even considered wedding karaoke, a chocolate fountain and a potluck dessert table. Now it’s officially off the table though, you’ve suddenly got a yearning to turn your reception into a karaoke competition. Even though you don’t know anyone who can hold a tune, and you hate singing in public.

The Budget Bonuses

There’s no denying it was excruciating to cut your guest list down and change your date – but the money you’ve saved on extra meals has now gone into a cake upgrade and extra fancy shoes for you…

Rule Flouting Fury

No one likes the rule-breakers, but you experience a new level of fury when you see that girl from school having loads of people round during lockdown or ignoring social distancing and posting it on social media. Don’t you realise, Jessica, that you’re risking making lockdown longer for everyone?!

Those Covid Conspiracy Posts

Seeing your second-cousin Darren post how it’s all a big con on Facebook – argh! You do not need to see this kind of stuff when you’re just trying to deal with planning your wedding.

Technology Training

Trying to teach your remote relatives how to log into a Zoom meeting so they can watch a live stream of your wedding… you don’t work in IT support. Planning a wedding was never meant to include IT support.

Browsing Face Masks Instead of Favours

Are you really considering giving everyone personalised face masks in place of favours? Heck yeah you are. This is who we are now.

Sampling Hand Sanitiser

Once upon a time, you’d go to a wine tasting. Now you’re ordering in different hand sanitisers to make sure you offer the right one to your guests, because it’s part of the wedding aesthetic now.

So Many Virtual Meetings

You thought you had enough virtual meetings at work. Now you spend your evenings and weekends watching virtual wedding shows and having Zoom meetings with suppliers – once you get past that awkward bit where you talk at the same time and have to say ‘oh, you’re on mute!’, it’s actually quite nice to do all your planning in your PJs…

That Joy Because…

You can get married now! It might not be the day you originally planned, but you’re going to leave your ceremony as a married couple, finally, and that’s what counts.

For more Covid-19 wedding advice, be sure to check out our dedicated section.

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