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8 Easy DIY Wedding Ideas

DIY weddings grow more popular every year. Not only does DIY give couples more creative freedom with their wedding, but it’s also usually a lot less expensive. But if you don’t know where to start with your own DIY wedding, here are 8 easy DIY wedding ideas.

8 Easy DIY Ideas | Confetti.co.uk

1) DIY Stationery

Professionally-made stationery is clean, elegant, and very popular. But sometimes it’s not unique enough, and you may want to add small touches here and there to make it your own—from invitations and save the dates all the way to place cards. Below, we used one of our beautiful lace opulence invitations as a blank canvas. We attached a wooden button to some craft paper twine, which we then wrapped around the invitation and secured at the back. Such a small addition made an enormous difference. There are so many options to this too. In our wedding stationery DIY, we at Confetti.co.uk’s marketing team experimented with our Vintage Affair stationery to see how differently each of us would personalise the products.

Personalised Wedding Stationery | Confetti.co.uk

Above: Embossed Floral Elegance with Rustic Elegance Personalisation Invitation | Natural Wood Buttons | Craft Paper Twine


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2) DIY Paint

Transform ordinary accessories like tins and bottles into quirky, cool, and beautiful pieces of decor. For our autumn decor DIY, we used bronze and gold spraypaint on one of our bottle decor sets to create a rich, seasonal wedding look. Don’t feel like you should just stick to completely repainting your decorations though—experiment with patterns and colours. For neat patterns with straight lines, use masking tape. With it you can mask the parts of the vase, bottle, or other product that you don’t want to paint over, and spraypaint the exposed areas. Then, once the paint’s dry, peel off the masking tape and you’re left with a neat pattern.

DIY Wedding | Confetti.co.uk

Above: Decorating Glass Bottle Décor Set | Mini Decorator Favour Vases


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3) DIY Glitter

A very simple way to create a sparkling, glamorous wedding is to use glitter. All it takes is some glue, and glitter in the colour of your choice. As seen with our pretty vases DIY, you spread your glue (either across the entire product or in pretty patterns like dots and stripes) and then sprinkle your glitter on top. Leave the glue to dry, and then gently tap the vase against a tabletop to get rid of any excess glitter. Masking tape is your friend once again, too. Mask the parts of the vase you don’t want to get glue and glitter on, and then when you’re finished gluing and glittering the areas you do want to DIY, simply peel off the tape.

Use this technique with anything—vases, signs, stationery, and even hanging decorations.

Glitter Vases and Gold Glitter | Confetti.co.uk

Above: Mini Decorative Favour Vases | White Blown Glass Hanging Heart Decoration | Personalised Industrial Cityscape White Acrylic Sign


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4) DIY Paper Flowers

Flowers are a must-have for any wedding, and no matter your theme you’re sure to find flowers that fit perfectly. And who said they have to be real? Nowadays things like fabric flowers and paper flowers are growing popular, particularly for DIY weddings. For paper flowers, you don’t necessarily need to be a dab hand at origami either. In our paper flower decor DIY, we show you how to use our DIY sets to create pretty paper apple blossoms, dahlias, and peonies.

Paper Flowers | Confetti.co.uk

Above, clockwise from the top: DIY Paper Peony | DIY Paper Dahlia | DIY Paper Apple Blossom


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5) DIY Ombre

Ombre is a big wedding trend coveted by many couples. It works for any colour scheme, and when done right can look absolutely stunning. In our dip-dyed ombre favour bags DIY, we used three different colours of dye to decorate our linen drawstring favour bags with beautiful fades of colour. All it took was three bowls of dye, each one with a different concentration of dye, and we created something very pretty and very distinctive.

DIY Ombre | Confetti.co.uk

Above: White Linen Drawstring Favour Bags


View the full how-to with our Dip-Dyed Ombre Favour Bags DIY


6) DIY Homemade Favours

Homemade edible and drinkable wedding favours are very popular because there’s so much variety, and they add such a lovely personal touch to your wedding. So grab your recipe book and bake your favourite cookies or mini cakes, blend your own smoothies, or create your own signature drinks or snacks. Below, we used mini bottles for homemade cider, which we then accessorised with a strip of ribbon, an antique key bottle opener, and a personalised sticker. We filled small linen favour bags with sweets and accesorised them with a sticker. We also filled one of our mini mason jars with yoghurt and decorated it with our mini mason jar decorating kit, and we had the other mason jar personalised with an engraving and made a lovely winter-themed hot chocolate favour out of it. In our edible favours DIY, we even looked at using miniature picnic baskets, confetti cone boxes, and organza bags as unique favour containers.

DIY Wedding Favours | Confetti.co.uk

Above, left to right: Mini Mason Jar with DIY Miniature Mason Jar Decorating Kit | Vintage Key Bottle Opener with Bronze Finish with Plain Ribbon and Natural Charm Extra Large Sticker


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7) DIY Chair Markers

Chair markers are something you may not originally think about until you realise that the unadorned backs of your chairs are a little…plain. Use flowers, fabric and garlands to create a stunning display that can also work beautifully for an aisle marker in the wedding ceremony. In our pearls and lace chair marker DIY we used rolled lace fabric flowers, ribbon, pearls, and roses to create a beautiful pink-and-white vintage chair marker. Imagine tailoring this to a summer wedding with bold yellow flowers or colourful tulips.

DIY Chair Back | Confetti.co.uk

Above: Decorative Rolled Fabric Lace Flower | Decorative Pearl Garland


View the full how-to with our Pearls and Lace Chair Markers DIY


8) DIY Straws

Another DIY idea you may not think about is straws. Why use simple straws when you could accessorise them to look so colourful and full of personality? Attach buttons and charms to lengths of vibrant ribbon, and tie those to candy-striped-, polka-dot-, and chevron-patterned straws. Add a tag as a cute finishing touch. See our stylish sippers DIY and be inspired.

DIY Straws | Confetti.co.uk

Above: Paper Straws in Metallic Chevron, Birch PrintCandy StripedSmall White Polka Dot and Polka Dot Designs


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