Balloon Wedding Decor: What to Consider

In recent years, wedding balloons have undergone a transformation. No longer consigned to a few forlorn globes floating above reception tables, in colour scheme formation, wedding balloon displays are really having a moment.

We don’t know why it’s taken so long to discover the fact you can create breath-taking displays with balloons and transform your surroundings with artistic balloon ensembles, but we’re here now so let’s make up for lost time! We asked balloon designer and event planner Ruth Williams from Eventaholics to talk us through what you need to consider if you want a beautiful balloon display at your wedding…


“Over the last few years, we’ve seen a rise of gorgeous organic balloon displays entering the wedding market. If your first port of call for wedding inspo is Instagram or Pinterest then you are bound to see them. Balloons have become the go-to for most event decorations but now they have crossed over to weddings and it’s really caught on! There are a few things to consider, if you want them at your wedding day,” says Ruth.

Latex Allergies?

Firstly and most importantly, you need to consider whether anyone attending your wedding may have a latex allergy. If they do, definitely avoid it at all costs! The last thing you need is a trip to the A&E on your big day. Foil balloons are still a great option, especially if you want a display that looks really fresh and contemporary.

Make A Statement

No latex allergies? Perfect! The most popular trend at the moment is organic balloon walls that are perfect for a photo or dessert bar backdrop. Such a simple design, but really adds the wow factor. If you have a budget that can stretch you may even opt for a stunning ceiling installation!

Go bold with bursts of colour for maximum effect or you can have a more subtle colour palette like whites, littered with golds and greys, giving you a heavenly Grecian-style floating cloud effect. Something that is elegant yet powerful.

Budget Friendly Choices

Apart from being a great modern alternative to traditional decor, they are also a fraction of the cost of flowers, for an average 50-to-100 guest wedding.

Balloon installations are also a lot kinder to the pockets while still providing mind-blowing decor. A luxury flower wall can set you back anywhere from £350 to £1000, and for a fresh flower wall it could even be double the price. But balloon walls can cost from anywhere between £200 up to £800 and they may still include some flowers or pampas grass in the installation.

Mix It Up

The great thing about balloons is that they work well with other mediums. So, you can mix them with flowers, fabrics, pampas grass and even acrylic paint. Mixing balloons with flowers create amazing textures and dynamics to your décor, resulting in a perfect mixture of traditional romance and modern design. Balloons can afford you the size and height when wanting to create a really impactful display.

Colours Galore

Fresh flowers dominate the wedding decor world, but fresh flowers have a drawback. The season you plan to get married in can majorly influence your colour palette and style for your wedding. Most flowers are seasonal and may not be available at the time of your wedding. Artificial flowers have definitely helped broadened the colour variation and bringing the costs down, but still are somewhat limited in the style of flowers available. Latex and foil balloons can provide almost every shade on the spectrum.

Consider Your Space

Balloons displays are usually quite large setups. Does your venue have the space available or do you need to be clever with your design? If you are short on space, maybe instead of a balloon wall you can incorporate an organic display bursting from the corner or a beautiful balloon garland that can be hung.

Find out more by visiting the Eventaholics website, or check out our guide to outdoor weddings for even more creative decorative ideas.

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