Romantic Blush Pink Wedding Ideas

With its warm and welcoming tone,  blush pink is the perfect colour scheme for summer weddings. We’ll show you how to incorporate blush pink, with its timeless, elegant and ethereal qualities into your big day.

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Blush Pink Bridesmaids

Imagine how beautiful your bridesmaids will look in this ultimate feminine hue of pink! As they glide down the aisle before you, your guests are sure to be in awe at their beauty, as the warm undertone of the pink complements almost every skin tone. If you’ve kept your colour scheme a secret from you guests, dressing your maids in blushing pink is the perfect opportunity to give your guests a glimpse of your colour scheme.


Blush pink bridesmaids | Blush pink wedding ideas |
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Blush Pink Groom Accessories

When it comes to styling your wedding in your preferred colour, remember you can’t forget your groom and his favourite guys! If the thought of wearing pink on his big day unnerving, you’re in luck! Blush pink is beautifully subtle that even the boys won’t mind it. A soft pink tie or cravat with a matching button hole is so delicate and refined. Remember the perfect colours for the rest of the attire should be grey or navy blue, these shades were made for pink. If your man is happy with your colour choice, then make the ultimate statement with a pink suit. Remember to keep it to a pastel shade of pink, anything too dark won’t have the same affect.

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Blush Pink Décor

If there’s one thing we can’t stress enough when it comes to your wedding and that’s wedding décor. Styling your wedding is a must for any wedding theme. It is the only element of your wedding planning that will transform an empty room into the wedding of your dreams. When you are working with the beautiful shade of blush pink you have the foundation of a warm and romantic ambiance. Using hints of pink in your floral arrangements, table accessories and wedding stationery is all you need to complete the look. Using too much pink can overpower your theme.

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Blush Pink Stationery

Your wedding stationery is the first glimpse your guests will have of your big day. This is your opportunity to either spill the beans or keep them guessing. For those of you wanting to keep your colour scheme to yourself for now but still want to give them a hint, you’ll want to use invitations with just a touch of your colour scheme. Pink invitations look amazing and definitely have the wow factor your guests will expect.

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Blush Pink Pop Colour

Because of its light and airy quality, blush pink is one of the most beautiful colours to combine with other colours. For many, gold is the ultimate partner for pink, and what’s not to love about the combination? The two colours, although they look completely different, both have the underlying quality that makes them perfect for each other; they’re both rich, warm, elegant and timeless. For those looking for something a little different, then try mint. The two colours work beautifully together, both light hearted and relaxed, creating the perfect calm ambiance for a summer wedding.

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The beauty of wearing white on your big day is you can wear coloured shoes. With your bridesmaids looking like goddesses in their blushing pink dress and your groom looking dashing in pink, it’s only natural to want to join them and wear a little pink yourself. This is when you turn to every girls favourite accessory, her shoes. Soft pink shoes look amazing under any dress, the subtle shade won’t overwhelm your beautiful dress.

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Blush Pink Cake

For many their wedding cake is the focal point of the reception and we completely understand. With you having pink accents in your wedding décor you can use the same elements when picking your cake. By having a white or ivory iced cake you can transform it using pink accessories, for example pink flowers or cake accessories. Or take it to another level and just have it in the glorious rich pink shade, with a secondary colour like gold. Whatever you choose remember it has to look as good as it looks.

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Blush Pink Transport

I love the idea of a themed wedding car, it’s fun and shows your guests just how creative you are. So for your blush pink theme you must have some form of pink transport, my particular favourites for summer are a bike, moped or VW campervan. Coloured wedding transport is a fantastic way to really carry your theme throughout the wedding.

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