DIY Friday: Autumn Wedding Decor

In autumn, nature displays stunning colour combinations that are nothing short of inspirational, making it almost effortless for brides to inject their wedding decor with autumnal details. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to transform simple glass bottles into perfect seasonal accents for autumn wedding decor.

DIY Autumn Wedding Decor Upcycling Idea |


With just a little bit of spray paint and a few glass bottles, you can create stunning autumnal accents for your wedding. Do the bottles around your venue or cluster them together for a striking centrepiece, just be sure to use bottles of varying heights to achieve the look above. We’ve gone for a range of spray paint in complimenting colours. Make the project your own by choosing spray paints with a high gloss content for a more demure look, opt for matte spray paint or mix the two styles by painting some bottles with high gloss and some with matte. Enhance the autumnal feel of your decor by choosing props such as flowers and foliage that compliment the ruby reds, gold lustre and vibrant oranges prevalent during the season.

DIY Autumn Glass Bottle Wedding Decor

Supplies for DIY Wedding Glass Bottles |

You’ll need:

  • Decorating Glass Bottle Set, Clear
  • 3 shades of spray paint; we’ve used metallic gold, ivory and gold glitter
  • Faux flowers in autumnal hues
  • Taper candles
  • Mask & gloves


Step 1: Set up a work station in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors. Lay a cardboard box on its side and place each jar inside one a time to spray paint. The box will help to contain the paint and prevent it from colouring neighboring objects and vegetation.

Apply a thin coat of spray paint |

Step 2: Place your bottle in the box, shake the paint can and begin to spray in a quick, up-and-down motion to create a thin coat. Spray the paint on thinly as too thick a coat will cause the paint to run.

Apply a second coat of spray paint |

Turn the bottle to spray all sides |

Step 3: Place a finger inside the bottle and rotate it, continuing to spray the paint in the same quick up-and-down motion. Once the bottle is fully covered, allow it to dry completely. Once dried, repeat the same spraying technique to coat the bottle for a second time. The second coat should pick up on any gaps and create a consistent finish.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 for each bottle you are using. Once your bottles have dried completely, fill them with flowers and tapers to create your arrangement.

DIY Autumn Glass Bottle Wedding Decor Results

With just glass decorating bottles, spray paint and a few props, you can create stunning autumnal DIY wedding decor. Scatter the glass bottles around your venue or cluster them together on each table. Choose flowers that compliment your theme or that have a special meaning. For a truly luxe look, add a string of pearls.

Autumn Wedding Decor Statement Table |

Autumnal gold bottles and flowers |

Autumnal wedding decor |

Wedding DIY for autumn |

Tapers, faux flowers and painted glass bottles |

Vary the look of your centrepieces by grouping and arranging |

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