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DIY Boho Paper Feather Chairback Wedding Decoration

Paper decorations are easy, affordable, and versatile—not to mention that they’re huge fun to DIY! Today’s feather chairback wedding decoration is perfect for all manner of themes from bohemian to rustic, and the method can be used for anything from chairback wedding decorations to hanging decor.

Boho Feather Chair Back |


What You’ll Need:

Boho Wreath |


Step 1: Begin by making the base of your boho wreath; wrap your styrofoam wreath neatly with your raw muslin ribbon.

Boho DIY |

Step 2: Secure the ribbon at the back of the wreath with pins.

Step 3: Choose a starting point and begin to add your feathers with pins (or glue if you’d prefer a more secure finish). Add some gorgeous texture by overlapping your feathers, and ensure you keep a balanced blend of your white feathers, ivory feathers, and colourful feathers.

Bohemian DIY |

Step 4: Complete your wreath by adding a loop of ribbon to the back. With this, you can attach your boho wreath to your chair.

Boho Chair Back |

The Final Result:

Bohemian Chair Back |

The Details:

Boho Decor |

Bohemian Wreath |

Bohemian Feather Chair Back |

Bohemian Decor |

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