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DIY Friday: Bride and Groom Chair Banners

Custom, personalised signage is a huge trend right now! It’s a simple, very pretty way of adding personality and creativity to your decorations. See below our handy do-it-yourself guide to decorative chair banners and bunting!

Bride and Groom Chairs


What you’ll need:

DIY chair banner supplies fabric

Step by Step

Step 1: Put a blob of hot glue on the reverse side on each point of your flag.

Step 2: You should then position the wood veneer flag on top of the canvas fabric flags.

Step 3 (not shown): repeat steps 1 and 2 for all your letters and symbols.

Flag bunting DIY

Step 4: prior to gluing, mock up your banner and map out your positioning by laying out all your pennants against your craft twine. Try to keep consistent with the amount of space you keep between each letter and symbol.

Step 5:
  run a thin line of hot glue along the back of each flag (at the top) and position your twine.

 Step 6: (now shown): repeat step 5 for all your letters & symbols.

Pink Ribbon DIY

Step 7: pull and cut several strands of ribbon for your banner trim. Create two bundles, one for the bride’s chair, one for the groom’s. Consider using varying but complimentary colors for each bundle.

Bride & Groom Chairs DIY

 Step 8: Tie your finished banner onto the corners of your chairs.

DIY bunting heart flags

Step 9: After this, tie your ribbon into a simple knot to the each corner of your chair and tuck away behind your banner.

Final step: Repeat on the other chair!

Your finished product should look something like this!

Mr & Mrs DIY chairs

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