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DIY Colourful Burlap Wreaths

Burlap is the perfect material for autumn weddings with its fantastic texture and vast range of effects. We’ll show you how to use colour and layout to create beautiful ombre backdrops, table centrepieces, and chair decorations in gorgeous colours with our DIY colourful burlap wreaths.

DIY Colourful Burlap Wreaths - Colourful DIY burlap wall wreaths and table centrepiece |


Look #1 – Decorative Ombre Backdrop

Wreath Decorations - Decorative wall wreaths with bunched flowers |

What You’ll Need:

  • Large and/or small Ruffled Burlap Wreaths
  • Spray paint in colours of your choice. This tutorial features cranberry red, ivory, and antique gold
  • Painter’s mask
  • Flowers of your choice. This tutorial features water-picked lisianthus flowers

DIY Wreath Decor - Vintage pink burlap wreaths, mask, and colourful spray paint DIY supplies |


Step 1: Gather your wreaths together in a selection of large and small sizes. This will give variation, and a beautiful effect, when they’re put together on the wall. In this tutorial we’ve used five wreaths—three large, and two small.

Step 2: Choose the spray paint colours you’d like your burlap wreaths to be, and prepare all of your materials in a well-ventilated area, such as outdoors.

Step 3: Use a drop-cloth to protect the surface you’ll be working on, and slip on your painter’s mask.

Cranberry Red Wreath - Cranberry red burlap wreath DIY wedding decor | DIY Christmas Wreath |

Step 4: In quick, even spurts, spray your paint of choice over the burlap wreath from about a foot away and keep your application quite light. If you apply the paint too heavily, and while too close, the paint may pool. However, there’s no need to strive for perfection, as imperfection adds far more texture and looks wonderful for the rustic feel of burlap.

In this tutorial, we sprayed our three large wreaths with cranberry red, ivory, and then left the third as it comes—in vintage pink. We sprayed the smaller wreaths with antique gold. These were all then arranged on the wall as a backdrop, and as a finishing touch we added our water-picked lisianthus flowers by resting them on the inner burlap ring.

Spray Painted Wreaths - Pink, ivory, and gold DIY burlap wreaths |

Burlap Wreaths |

For other effects, you’re limited only by your creativity. Make a larger backdrop with more wreaths in different sizes and shades—just imagine the range of colours, and don’t be afraid to use two colours on one burlap wreath. When arranging them, have the colours slowly shift like a colour gradient to give a more condensed ombre effect, and you could even wrap flowers around the wreaths.

Look #2 – Centrepiece Details

What You’ll Need:

Burlap Wreath Wedding Centrepiece Idea - Pink burlap wreath as a beautiful wedding table centrepiece |


Step 1: Prepare your wedding centrepiece, such as a vase filled with flowers. We’ve used white lisianthus flowers.

Step 2: Place the vase inside one of your burlap wreaths so that your wreath hugs the base of the vase as a pretty ring.

Step 3: Add your dried leaves so they spill a little bit onto the table.

With all of the vase shapes and sizes, flower types and colours, and the seasonal change of leaves and flowers, you can have any number of combinations for any number of looks.

Look #3 – Cranberry Red Chair Decoration

Red Wreath Chair Back - Burlap wreath as a chair back decoration |

What You’ll Need:

DIY Red Christmas Wreath | DIY Christmas Wreath - Cranberry red burlap wreath tied with twine to a wedding chair back |


Step 1: Add a splash of colour to your wedding chair decorations by spraying your burlap wreath in a paint of your choice. Ours is cranberry red.

Step 2: Tie your burlap wreath to the chair backs. We used brown twine, but other possibilities include wire or string or ribbon.

Pink and White Barn Wedding Chair Back Decoration |

You could even add these wreaths to the wedding ceremony itself by attaching them as aisle decorations, and our cranberry red wreaths look particularly great as traditional Christmas decorations.

More Ideas:

Add an extra touch of rustic autumn by using our Rolled Burlap Flowers and Plain Mini Linen Drawstring Pouches. With a similar process, you can spray paint them in any colour you want and arrange them as decorations (or use them as wedding favours?).

Burlap Wreath Extras Flowers and Bags - More rustic burlap DIY wedding decoration ideas with flowers and bags |

These techniques are great for any wedding theme too. Just imagine the effect if you were to spray your burlap wreaths, flowers, or pouches with paint and then spray with glitter or wrap them in fairy lights! With careful colour and accessory choices, you can cater for any theme you want.

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An earlier version of this DIY appeared on our sister blog, Weddingstar.






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