DIY Dip Dyed Ombre Favour Bags |
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DIY Dip Dyed Ombre Favour Bags

Ombre is a beautiful effect that seems only to grow more and more popular. It’s a wonderful way to play with colours and is reminiscent of romantic watercolour paintings. See below for how to make your own DIY dip dyed ombre favour bags.

DIY Dip Dyed Ombre Favour Bags |

What You’ll Need:

What You'll Need |

To get the same effect we have, you’ll need:


Step 1: Prepare one of your dyes as per your package instructions.

Step 2: Fill three separate bowls with approximately two cups of water each. (One cup is roughly 240ml.)

Step 3: Add your blue dye to the bowls, starting with 1.5 tablespoons of dye in the first bowl, ¾ cup in the second, and ½ cup in the third. This way, you get three different concentrations of dye.

Step 4: Take one of your bags and dip it into your first bowl—the one with the least amount of dye. Dip it in all the way up to the point where you want your ombre effect to fade out. (We went about a quarter of the way up the bag.)

DIY Ombre Effect |

Step 5: Hold it for a few seconds and remove.

Step 6: Dip the bag into the next bowl, again to where you’d like that ombre effect to fade out. We did it to about halfway up the first ombre fade.

Ombre Wedding Favour Bags |

Step 7: Dip your bag into the last bowl, which has the highest concentration of dye. This will give you the strongest, darkest shade of your ombre fade yet.

Dip Dye Bags |

Step 8: Remove your bag, and let it dry. (Tip: try to hang your bag while it dries, perhaps upside down. This will keep the spread of the dye even.)

Step 9: Once your bag is dry, take your ink pad and stamp your “Thank You” onto the front.

DIY Ink Stamp |


Step 10:  Finally, add your bath salts. We were careful to choose colours that coordinated with our chosen dye colours. (Of course, you could fill your bags with other things, like confetti. But if you add sweets without a wrapper, make sure your dye isn’t harmful to consume, just in case.)

Bath Salt Favour Bags |

Step 11: Repeat all of the above steps with different colours of dye and salts to create a beautiful range of favour bags.

The Final Look:

DIY Ombre Favour Bags |


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