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DIY Friday: Fabric Flower Chair Backs

Personalisation is a very popular theme for our modern day bride as they make for weddings that include special, unexpected little extras throughout its design. Try and be unique with flowers, candles or ribbons to elevate the entire look of the event. The fabric flower chair back is something sweet and simple that, if done effectively, can be re-purposed in other decorative ways after your big day! So add a splash of DIY to your wedding proceedings and get ready to fall in love!

DIY Fabric Flower Chair Backs


What you’ll need:

Fabric and glue gun

How to achieve this look:

Step 1: Face the back of the chair towards you, then hand the ribbon over the centre point of the top of the chair, creating a loop. Don’t worry about making either side of your hanging strands of equal lengths. Keeping them at slightly different lengths provides for a prettier end result.


DIY Tutorial To Create A Flower Chair Back

Step 2 & 3: Loop the strand right under and then over the top of the chair

Step 4: Repeat previous step with left strand

Step 5: pull both strands together to tighten. This step will also pull your loop over such that it’s facing you, as shown in image 5.

DIY Tutorial To Create A Flower Chair Back

Step 6 & 7:repeat steps 1-5 on your second strand of ribbon to achieve the result shown in image 7.

Step 8:tie on a strand of lace for added texture.

DIY Tutorial To Create A Flower Chair Back

Step 9: glue the medium flower to the right side of your ribbon formation.

Step 10: glue the small flower to the left side of your ribbon formation, slightly lower than your medium flower.

The lovely end result!

DIY Flower Chair Back

DIY Flower Chair Back

Something New

If the steps are followed correctly and you’re happy with your finished piece, the chair back can be removed from the chair itself, so that the flowers remain attached. This Allows you to use this lovely decorative creation for plenty of other wedding day accents.

Fabric Flower

Love this? Want more?

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