Wedding DIY Coloured Picture Frame

DIY Wedding – Decorative Frames

When you DIY your wedding, you can put personal touches in the most unexpected places! Your creativity doesn’t have to end in reception room, whether it’s at a hotel, a castle, or a country pub. You can add a touch of DIY without a huge spend on supplies – and yet still bring a little more “awwww” to your special day. Do you have cute photos of yourself and your groom when you were little? Use them in creative ways for an adorable personal touch!

Wedding DIY Coloured Picture Frame


This idea is unusual yet fun and so simple to do – put baby or childhood pictures of the two of you in cut-out frames and hang them on reception venue doors, on ladies’ and men’s room doors, on your table plan, and – in real frames that match your theme – put on your top table as place settings!

Wedding DIY Bride & Groom Framed Photos

What you’ll need:

  • Two large size cute pictures, one of you and one of the groom – if you don’t want to use originals, make colour photocopies
  • If you want to put these on your top table – two real picture frames of the right size for the photos, any kind you like to fit your theme
  • If you want to hang them on doors, walls, or your table plan – you need paper, a colour printer, colouring pencils, glitter, trims – anything you may want to use to personalise them
  • Blue tack – you want to avoid putting nails or pins into venue doors or walls
  • Double sided photo adhesive tabs or glue strip
  • Poster board large enough to act as a backing for two photos

Step 1: pick a frame

There are so many websites which provide free ready-to-print frames – all you have to do is pick the one you like best! Some great examples include: – a fantastic resource with 29 pages of all kinds of picture frames, in large format and ready to print – frames ready to print and colour, in elegant flowery styles – a collection of gold and silver frames – a selection of thick elegant frames – a gorgeous single frame for colouring – a collection of elegant and vintage clip art which you can use to embellish your frames beautifully!

Step 2: ready-to-print or colour

If you choose a picture of a real frame, all you have to do is print it, cut out the white centre, and fit your photo in the middle, then glue the framed picture to the poster board backing, cut the backing to fit the frame, and you’re done!

Wedding DIY Photo Frames

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If you choose a frame to colour yourself, then get in touch with your inner artist using real paints, colouring pencils, markers, glitter, trims, and anything else you may wish to use for decoration! Simply print out the frame, decorate with any or all of the above, and then – as with the ready frame – cut out the middle, fit your photo, and then attach to poster board for backing.

Wedding DIY Photo Frames to Colour

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Your pictures are now ready! Now, with just a bit of blue tack, you can attach them to walls, doors, your table plan, or any other place where your guests will enjoy them!

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