DIY Wedding Ideas: How to Make Your Own Decorative Paper Hearts

These gorgeous decorative paper hearts are not only very easy to make, but they also require just basic supplies, and the results are stunning. Follow this step-by-step guide to make your own gorgeous paper hearts.

DIY Wedding Decorative paper hearts | Confetti.co.uk
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These decorative paper hearts will be unique as you can make them in any colour or size to suit your wedding theme. A mix of large and small hearts in rainbow colours could look incredible or you could use them as bunting, hang them over doors, on the back of bride and groom’s chairs, or wrap around pillars. Use this as a start and let your imagination run wild. We have all the ideas, know-how and craft items you need right here.


What you’ll need

Paper in your chosen colours/patterns – try not to use card stock, as heavier paper weighs down the garland, and can be difficult to staple together

1. stapler

2. scissors

3. pencil

4. ruler

5. ribbon in your chosen colour

6. optional – embellishments such as dangly pearls or crystals, candy, butterflies – anything you can hang off the end of the ribbon, also sticker gems or charms in various colours and shapes to suit your theme

DIY Paper Hearts Supplies

Step 1

Draw 6 lines, one inch apart, on your paper. The longer the strips, the larger your hearts will be, so keep that in mind if you are particular about the size. Cut the paper along the lines neatly, creating 6 strips of equal size.

Wedding DIY | Confetti.co.uk

Step 2

Leave two strips at their original length, cut one inch off the next two strips, and two inches off the last two strips.


Step 3

Separate the strips into two sets of three with one in each size, stacked from largest to smallest, edges meeting at one end.

Wedding DIY | Confetti.co.uk

Step 4

Place the first set flat on the table so the shortest piece is at the bottom, and the longest on top. Place a length of ribbon with generous ends on either side in the middle.

Wedding DIY | Confetti.co.uk

Step 5

Now place the second set on top of the first set, keeping ribbon in the middle, so the longest piece is at the bottom, and shortest on top. The longest pieces now meet in the middle, with the shortest pieces on the outside.

Wedding DIY | Confetti.co.uk

Step 6

Staple all pieces width-wise at one end, keeping the ribbon in the middle. This will be the centre of the paper heart.

Wedding DIY | Confetti.co.uk

Step 7

Bend the small pieces outwards until they meet in the middle, with ribbon in between. Then bend the medium pieces, and then the longest ones, so they all meet evenly in the middle, forming a heart, with the ribbon through the middle; then staple again width-wise.

Top Tip: as long as the ribbon is narrower than the staple, you will be able to adjust the length of it, making your heart taller or shorter!

Wedding DIY | Confetti.co.uk

Embellishing your decorative paper hearts

You can decorate your heart with anything you like, just remember not to use anything too heavy, as it will weigh down your garland. To get the look below, you need some large and some medium decorative pearls with holes in the middle. Put the ribbon through the smaller pearl, then the larger pearl. Tie a knot at the end of your ribbon, and gently pull inside the pearl to hide it. Done!

Wedding DIY | Confetti.co.uk

Wedding DIY | Confetti.co.uk

You can also use dangling crystals like the one below, which look gorgeous and catch the light beautifully! As you can’t hide the ribbon knot here, tie it in a pretty bow.

Wedding DIY | Confetti.co.uk

You can also hang things such as paper butterflies, confectionery, or felt hearts if you’re having a heart theme. Curl the ribbon at the end, or if you don’t want to hang anything then cut it, tie a tiny tight knot at the end, and pull inside to hide it.

Wedding DIY | Confetti.co.uk

More tips to help you

1. use the thinnest and lightest paper possible, not only is it easier to staple, but it’s better for the weight of the garland

2. if you want to make a double heart (like the purple one below), cut a second set of 6 strips at one inch, two inches, and then three inches shorter than the first set, and attach to the same ribbon

3. the shorter the paper strips, the smaller the finished hearts, likewise the longer the strips, the larger the hearts

4. as long as your ribbon is narrower than the staple, you can pull it to adjust its length

5. to make your hearts really colourful, you can use multiple colours for each heart

6. the ribbon used for these hearts was 3mm satin ribbon, available at the Confetti shop

DIY Wedding Decorative paper hearts | Confetti.co.uk

These decorative paper hearts are simple to make and yet so effective. Find more unique craft ideas in Wedding DIY and decorative ribbons, trims and more in the Confetti Shop.

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