DIY Wedding Favour Bags Tutorial

DIY Wedding Friday: DIY Favour Bags

We may be told to never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to wedding favour bags, that etiquette goes out the window.

DIY Wedding Favour Bags Tutorial
Unleash your inner DIY spirit with this easy yet beautiful tutorial.

Half the battle when it comes to wedding favours isn’t in choosing them, but in presenting them to your guests. Take the opportunity to extend your theme to your favour bags or boxes. You don’t have to blow your budget or be a DIY goddess to achieve these beautiful favour bags. Follow our steps to create five beautiful wedding favour bags.


Vintage Burlap Wedding  Favour Bags

A thick band of burlap is softened with a turquoise ribbon for a bygone look perfect for a vintage themed wedding. Use personalised cards as a keepsake of your special day and seal the bag with a matching sticker.

Vintage Burlap Favour Bag Supplies |

You’ll need:

Brown Kraft Paper Self-Standing Favour Bag

Ivory Burlap by the Roll

10mm Sea Blue Satin Ribbon

Bright Hearts Design Tag

Small Bright Hearts Design Sticker




Vintage Burlap Wedding Favour Bag Details
The sweet hand-drawn heart details add a whimsical touch.


Step 1: Cut your burlap to size. We cut our roll in half to achieve the width shown. Cut your burlap to 22 centimeters long. Wrap the burlap around the bag so that it slightly overlaps in the back and glue down.

Step 2: Cut the satin ribbon to be twice as long as the burlap, but you could go longer and just trim afterwards. Wrap the ribbon around the burlap and tie into a double knot.

Step 3: Punch a hole into the rectangular tag and thread through the ribbon. Tie the ribbon in a bow to secure the  tag in place.

Step 4: Fill the bag with your chosen favours and fold over the top of the bag. Fasten closed with the sticker.

Classically Minimal DIY Favour Bags

Minimal pewter and snow white detailing adds an air of elegance to these favour bags. Perfectly suited to a minimalist wedding theme, lined up in rows, the stark white bags with the dark ribbons would be striking.

Classically Minimal Favour Bag Supplies |

You’ll need:

White Kraft Paper Self-Standing Favour Bag

Pewter Love Birds Paper Ribbon Wrap with Die-cut Bird Sticker

White Double Hearts Wax Seal

10mm Pewter Grey Satin Ribbon


Classically Minimal Favour  Bag Details |
Pewter grey and white create an elegant and minimal favour bag.


Step 1: Wrap the paper wrap around your bag, adhering it to the back of the bag with the die-cut bird sticker.

Step 2: Place the wax seal sticker on the front of your bag near the right end edge so that it overlaps the bag and the paper wrap as an accent.

Step 3: Tie a strand of ribbon into a simple bow and glue to the front of the bag, centered.

 A Little Lace Wedding Favour Bag

An elegant and simple lace and twine wrapped favour bag, ideal for shabby chic themed weddings. Choose a colour of twine to suit your wedding theme to personalise the favour to your style.

A Little Lace Favour Bags Supplies |

 You’ll need:

Brown Kraft Self-Standing Paper Favour Bag

Watermelon Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine

Mini Hinged Clip

Blissful Homespun Charm Design Tag

Lace Trim



A Little Lace DIY Wedding Favour Bags Details |
Baker’s twine and lace come together in a pretty shabby chic favour bag.

Step 1: Cut the lace to 22 centimeters long. Wrap around the bag and glue in the back. Wrap the  twine around the bag over top of the lace several times before tying in a loose bow. Cut any excess twine.

Step 2: Attach the tag to the bag and hold in place with the mini clip.

Elegant Ruffles DIY Favour Bags

Soft ruffled fabric clasped with a vintage clothespin provides a simple and pretty adornment for your favours. The vintage feel of this design is easy to achieve and would look stunning tabletop at  a blush and sage coloured reception or as part of a vintage themed wedding.

Elegant Ruffles Favour Bag Supplies |

 You’ll need:

Brown Kraft Self-Standing Paper Bag

Pastel Pink Ruffled Fabric Ribbon Trim

Vintage Wooden Clothespin

Burlap Chic Thank You Stamp, Personalised

Burlap Chic Memory Box Wishing Well Card


Elegant Ruffles Wedding Favour Bags Details |
Elegant pink ruffles and vintage patterned clothespins add sweet accents to a favour bag.


Step 1: Stamp your card; it doesn’t have to be perfect. The shabby chic look is defined and enhanced by pretty imperfections.

Step 2: Cut fabric ribbon to your desired length and attach it and the card to your bag with the clothespin.

Violet Accent Wedding Favour Bags

These beautiful bags are simple and stunning. The patterned card adds a nice floral touch and the violet is a lovely pop of colour. Would suit a shabby chic themed wedding beautifully.

Violet Accent Favour Bags Supplies |

You’ll need:

White Kraft Self-Standing Paper Bag

10mm White Satin Ribbon

3mm Adhesive Premium Rhinestones

Forget Me Not Victorian Purple Tag

Forget Me Not Victorian Purple Sticker



Violet Accent Favour Bag |
A simple Victorian detailed favour bag.


Step 1: Place a few of the rhinestones on the flowers on the rectangular cards and glue to the centre of the bag.

Step 2: Tie your ribbon into a loose bow and glue it just above the  tag.

Step 3: Place a rhinestone on the sticker and fill the bag with your favour. Fold over the top and seal closed with the sticker.

**We filled our favour bags with scrummy sweet and salty popcorn or boiled sweets, but any treats would work. Consider candy floss, personalised mints, retro sweets or homemade truffles and fudge.

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