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DIY Decorative Golden Accents

Today we have a gorgeous DIY filled with autumnal gold. In this very easy guide we’ll show you how to add beautiful golden accents to your wedding decorations to help make your wedding dazzle and delight.

DIY Decorative Golden Accents - DIY wedding gold-accented antlers, ceramic bird, and butterfly with place cards |

What You’ll Need:

DIY Autumn Gold Accents - Ceramic wedding place card holders and decorations with paint brush and metallic gold paint |

Technique #1 – Dipping

White and Gold Porcelain Bird - Ceramic bird decoration dipped into a small amount of gold paint |

Our first technique is dipping—you can do so much with even a tiny lick of paint! Dip the point you want to accent into a bit of your paint , as shown above with our ceramic bird’s beak. Let any excess paint drip off, as this ensures an even coat of paint.

Porcelain Bird Gold Accent - Ceramic bird with gold-tipped beak |

Technique #2 – Ombre

Antlers Gold Accent - Antler place card holder with gold-accented tips |

A little more care is needed for this second technique—using a fine-tipped paintbrush, brush your paint gently from the top of your item. As seen in the image above, we concentrated the gold paint at the tip of the antler and gently brushed down to create a pretty fading-out look that would work wonderfully for a faded vintage effect.

White and Gold Antlers - Antler decoration with golden ombre accents |

Technique #3 – Focal Points

White and Gold Butterfly - Golden butterfly wedding place card holder |

In this third technique we chose a focal point—the butterfly—that we wanted to draw the eye and then used a small, flat-tipped paintbrush to paint it a bold metallic gold. Now our golden butterfly really stands out beautifully.

Butterfly Gold Accent - Gold-painted butterfly ceramic decoration |

 The Golden Result

You could use any colour you want to accent your items, and the final results will look something like these:

DIY Gold Accents Antlers Porcelain Bird and Butterfly - Antlers, ceramic bird, and butterfly with golden accents. All would make beautiful wedding favours |

Ceramic Birds Gold Accent as Decorations - Ceramic white and gold birds wedding decoration perched on a cubist keepsake box |

Antlers Gold Accent with Place Card - Golden accents on antler place card holder, featuring our Woodland Pretty Large Rectangular Tag | White and Gold Antlers Decor |

Butterfly Gold Accent with Place Card - Gold-painted butterfly decorative place card holder, featuring our Forget Me Not Large Rectangular Tag | White and Gold Butterfly Decor |

Of course, with the above items you don’t have to use them as card holders. You could simply use them as decorative elements on their own—such as part of a table centrepiece—or as wedding favours for your guests. Also, you don’t have to stick to using paint to accent your decorations. You could do more, and experiment with things like glitter.


Gold is a stunning accent to your wedding, and it has become something of a traditional colour choice beside white or ivory. From table decorations to bridal accessories, it’s a real sprinkle of elegance on your wedding decor.

Spring Summer Wedding White Ivory Lace Parasol |

Art Deco Laser Embossed Invitations With Personalisation | Pearl & Vintage Gold Wire Ornamental Floral Mini Ring - Classic white and gold wedding accessories and decorations inspiration |


Find more classic white and gold items in the Confetti shop. You could really add a touch of DIY to anything, and therefore make your items unique to you. Even the vintage parasol could be personalised with glitter or fabric paint!


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