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Halloween Weddings: From Gothic Elegance to Horror Schlock

For those of a macabre persuasion, a gothic wedding on October 31st could be a real scream. These darkly themed Halloween weddings are proving more popular with our bride and grooms: couples love the sense of drama and you can tailor the theme from serious to comic, from gothic elegance to full-on horror schlock.

All Hallows Eve

Halloween is inspiring a new trend of alternative, fun and theatrical weddings. Based on the old Celtic festival of Samhein (Old Gaelic for summer’s end), the name ‘Halloween’ comes from Hallows’ Een or Hallows’ Eve: a day when the souls of the dead are said to revisit family homes, and spirits are set loose to roam the world. It is the festival that marks the transition into the dark half of the year: a time of autumn, winter and eventual rebirth. But how can you best capture the exuberance, kitsch and drama of this wedding theme? Follow our quick guide.


full moon bats halloween
Halloween themes make for a fun wedding experience

Bridal Wear

The bride will wear anything from gothic bridal dresses to black-laced, full-vamp dresses. Orange and purple are also featured in bride and bridesmaid wear – as well as red, provided it’s blood red. The groom, best man and father of the bride can wear top hat and tails: perhaps something antiquated. The look can be elegant and dramatic or kitschy and fun.

gothic dresses
Gothic elegance

zombie bride wedding dress


When it comes to wedding invitations, programs, table name cards and other signage you can really go to town. How about Ouija themed invitations? Tarot cards as table placing – you could use our metal scroll table number holders to keep them out of your guests soup. A book of spells as a wedding register. Or go for something simple and gothic:

spells magic wedding marriage
A spell book as register
gothic wedding book
Ornate and elegant wedding stationery
table halloween number
Metal scroll table number holder

The Venue

For the ultimate Halloween wedding you should tie the knot in a graveyard, or in an ancient crypt or abandoned gothic chapel. A country manor, castle or church would also work – just steer clear of modern buildings: they just aren’t spooky enough. Think carefully about lighting. Obviously you’ll want candles, candles and more candles (but be wary of fire hazards). How about candelabras on the wedding tables? Or heart shaped tea light holders?

church goth wedding marriage creepy castle gothic
Choose a dark and dramatic venue for your Halloween wedding
gothic horror wedding candelabra
A candelabra really sets the scene


These tea light holders will create the right ambience
These tea light holders will create the right ambience

Guests could be given jack-o-lanterns to carry (perhaps painted black?). If your church or chapel is surrounded by trees make willow-the-wisp lights to dance about the naked branches. With any look the surrounding church grounds and cemetery will be covered in a blanket of mist but you could always hire a smoke machine. Think about how you can create the perfect atmosphere: use an incense censor to perfume the air, ring the church bells before and after the ceremony. Instead of music consider a choir.

The Wedding Feast

For the wedding cake, you could contact a specialist to design something to your Halloween theme. Skeletons, bats, cobwebs and ghouls could all feature. Disembodied eyes or confectionaries that look like blood and guts are options for the uncompromising. Maybe you could even have trick-or-treat cupcakes: the trick ones spiced with chilli. The options are endless.

halloween catering spooky wedding feast
Arrange a spooky wedding feast for your guests

gothic wedding confectionary cupcakes


But what about the flowers? You could use dried or pressed flowers or spiky cacti. How about dark purple cala lilies, spiney piney’s or purple parasols. Artificial flowers in black would make a dramatic bouquet tied together with dark lace. And don’t forget to give the wedding guests confetti to throw. Black confetti.

halloween flowers cobwebs spiders
A spooky bouquet

halloween theme gothic orange flowers


halloween theme black confetti
Soft fabric petals: perfect for your theme

Activities, Entertainment and Capturing Your Big Day

And you can go to town on the entertainment. Have your wedding party bobbing for toffee apples. Or arrange a zombie disco and have your guests lurching round the dance floor – Thriller style. Finally don’t forget to capture your gothic marriage in all its splendour. Of course you could use our directory to search for professional photographers in your local area. But why not get your guests snapping with these matching disposable cameras?

disposable cameras black
Capture the atmosphere with these single use cameras

If you’re already sold on a creepy Halloween wedding click on the Confetti shop and search by colour on orange and black.
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