How to Decorate a Palace Wedding Venue

As part of Historic Royal Palace‘s Confetti take over, we spoke to wedding planner extraordinaire Bruce Russell about how to theme a palace wedding.

Having planned and delivered incredible weddings at both Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace over the years, Bruce is well versed in navigating the intricacies of theming a historic space, and shares his top tips for how to plan a palace wedding.


How to Style a Wedding in a Palace

“Don’t be tempted to overcomplicate things when decorating a palace wedding venue; embrace the setting and let it lead the design. Let your flowers complement the space, but don’t be afraid to add modern touches.”

“Historic Royal Palaces’ believes in tradition with a twist; subtle contemporary touches such as menus or stationery contrast perfectly with the history of the venue and enhance the impact on guests. Incorporate the rich history in menu choices perhaps, or in a dress code that gives a nod to the palace’s previous party-goers throughout history.”

“It can be tempting to match the opulence of the furnishings with similarly extravagant installations – big flower arches, for example – yet this can have the opposite effect of lessening the grandeur of the space at times, as it can look out of place against the regal décor.”

Hampton Court Palace

“Focusing on the details has a bigger impact in transforming a wedding into an experiential event, rather than simply an aesthetically pleasing one, giving the immersive feeling that you are being entertained in the couple’s own palatial home, rather than simply visiting it. The illusion of entertaining in your own space is really impactful, given the exclusivity of the setting.”

“You can still get creative with other elements, however; a tasteful approach by no means has to be ‘static’. Think outside the box when choosing entertainment, for example, thinking contemporary rather than classic, and more immersive than structured.”

“When booking any venue, it’s important to ask questions to ensure there are no surprises down the line – this is particularly important with historical venues such as the palaces. As they are predominately open to the public, you may have to adapt timings and access plans to the evening, or look into an exciting multi-palace event to extend the celebrations. Don’t see these as restrictions; they’re a chance to get creative and it could be even better than expected!”

“When navigating the historical treasures in the palaces, utilising preferred suppliers will be a lifeline, as they will be adept in finding solutions and creative ideas to bring your theme to life, delivering on fire-free candlelight or palace-friendly catering choices, for example.

“However you choose to theme your palace wedding, the key is to respect your surroundings and the privilege of enjoying them and you’ll create a magical day that will be remembered forever.”

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