Neon Wedding Signs: The Coolest Way to Light up Your Wedding

If you’re looking for an electrifying way to jazz up your wedding, neon wedding signs need to be on your radar.

According to Pinterest, searches for ‘neon wedding sign’ are up 281% in 2019 – if that’s not a sign of a growing wedding trend, we don’t know what is!


Neon signs work for every kind of venue, from adding a modern edge to blank canvas barn wedding venues, to fitting right in at minimalist city wedding venues. They provide a picture perfect photo backdrop, and can be customised to say anything you want, and be whatever colour you like to fit it with your wedding theme. Whether you like cursive font, or bold block lettering, neon wedding signs can be tailored to whatever you fancy.


“Neon signs can be made in a variety of colours: millennial pink would work well with a contemporary design; red helps to illustrate the theme of love; and white would look great in a classic wedding,” says Graeme Hoole, head of product development at NeonPlus.

Neon wedding signs don’t need to be reserved solely for your reception, they work equally well as wedding ceremony decor, from framing the alter as an alternative to floral arches to providing the backdrop for when you’re signing the register.

They can also be used to frame seats, welcome guests on arrival or direct them to the bar or dance floor. Their vibrant glow invokes happiness and excitement; a perfect feature for wedding receptions.

“Not only do neon signs photograph extremely well, but they also help create a celebratory atmosphere. Exhibiting the sign at the entrance helps set the scene for the night that is about to unfold,” adds Graeme.

While many couples opt for neon signs that spell out their new married names, or Mr & Mrs, cute phrases also work well; think “crazy in love” or “til death do us party”. You could even have the sign made into your wedding hashtag to encourage guests to get active on social media, or shapes like hearts and stars look gorgeous too.


For a more romantic touch, opt for sweet phrases such as ‘happily ever after’ for a lovely way to commemorate the special moment. A unique neon sign also makes the perfect keepsake to put on display in your house.

Andrea Swift, wedding planner at Fabulous Together and member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, said: “My clients have used neon signs in a number of different ways. A previous client had a favourite verse from a special song made for her husband-to-be as a surprise.”

As we said, neon signs are an extremely versatile; though they are more commonly associated with modern weddings, but they can also complement classic and rustic themes. They are often overlooked for minimalist designs over fears they would look out of place. But for a more elegant aesthetic, the sign could have a small and simple design with muted colours. Alternatively, neon can be incorporated as a showstopper to add a pop of colour and stand out against relaxed décor.

Graeme added: “Couples can use LEDs instead of neon, also known as faux neon. This has a similar visual effect but uses plastic tubing instead of glass. These lights are easy to design, build quickly and are often more suitable for custom made signs.”

Neon signs can help make your wedding unforgettable. They showcase your and your partner’s personalities, set the desired tone, and make a bold statement that will be unforgettable for your guests.

Neon Wedding Sign Ideas

Read on for our favourite ideas for neon wedding signs.

  • Let The Adventure Begin
  • All You Need Is Love
  • Mr & Mrs
  • You & Me
  • Mrs & Mrs
  • Mr & Mr
  • Just Married
  • ‘Til Death
  • Happily Ever After
  • Forever
  • Just The Two Of Us

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