Outdoor Romance with Confetti’s Miniature Picnic Baskets

When you think “Picnic Baskets”, the first thing that probably pops into your head is a calm and colourful summer-lit park or meadow; a romantic day out with your other half. But they’re a stunning addition to any wedding reception, no matter what season of the year. So for an outdoor, rustic wedding theme they’re the perfect wedding accessories.

Woven Rustic Picnic Baskets | Confetti.co.ukAbove: Large and Medium Decor Picnic Baskets from the Confetti shop.


Wedding Decoration

Coming in three sizes, Confetti’s picnic baskets can be used for any number of things. They can make beautiful centrepieces if you fill them with decorative placements of flowers or fresh fruit, and you could even place candles in the centre of the arrangements (with guards to save wax from dripping everywhere) for some lovely light effects. Tie the baskets with strips of ribbon, lace or burlap to set off your wedding table decorations with texture. There’s no need to stick to using them for rustic weddings either; spill fabric and pearls from them with chains of flowers for a pretty outdoor vintage theme, like a Victorian tea party.

Picnic Baskets Wedding Decorations and Accessories | Confetti.co.ukAbove: Large, Medium and Small Woven Picnic Baskets decorated with food and drink and wild flowers.

Wedding Favours

You don’t have to limit yourself to décor when using these picnic baskets—the smaller sized ones would make excellent wedding favours. Filled with candy or snacks or even something like bath salts, they would make very pretty gifts for your guests. Simply attach a name tag or thank you card, and these baskets could even act as place cards!

Picnic Baskets Rustic Wedding Favours | Confetti.co.ukAbove, a few ideas for what you could use to put in your picnic baskets. Clockwise from the top-left: Miniature Picnic Baskets with lemon yellow ribbon and tagVintage Wooden Clothespins With Romantic Black And Pink Pattern | Mini Picnic Basket with purple ribbon and tagWhite Butterfly Seeds Favour Pack

After the Wedding

If you use these baskets as wedding favours, you have no need to worry about what you might do with them after the wedding—all of your guests will have taken them home! But if you use them as decoration you may have a dozen of them left over with nowhere to put them. Perhaps you could use them as pretty garden ornaments? With some fun and easy DIY you could convert the baskets into small flower pots and place them all around your garden or tier them on a wall.

Rustic Picnic Outdoor Wedding Decor | Confetti.co.ukAbove, a selection of more outdoor, rustic wedding inspiration ideas that would be wonderful additions to Confetti’s picnic baskets. Clockwise from the top: “A Kiss Above” Bicycle Bride And Groom Couple Cake Topper Figurine | French Provençal Mini Decorative Pitcher | Always Time For A Picnic Note Card | Always Time For A Picnic Tent Card | Burlap Wrap by the Roll

These picnic baskets are ideal for any colour scheme and offer so many creative opportunities. You really can’t go wrong with them, whether your wedding is in spring, summer, autumn or winter.

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