DIY Pretty Pearls Roses and Lace Aisle Markers |

DIY Pretty Pearls and Lace Aisle Markers

Give your wedding decorations a spark of boho or vintage with these gorgeous aisle markers. This is an absolutely beautiful look that will breathe life into any piece of furniture with the timeless beauty of pretty pearls and lace.

DIY Pearls and Lace Aisle Marker Get the Look |


Lace Pearls and Roses Chair Decoration |

What You’ll Need:

For this DIY, we’ve used:

Pearls and Lace Aisle Markers Accessories |

The Look:

Step 1: Take your pearl garland and loop the strand three times.

Step 2: Use floral wire to secure the loops at the top. Ensure that the wire you use is long enough that you can then use it to secure the garland to your chair.

String of Pearls |

Step 3: Attach the pearls to your chair by wrapping the floral wire around the chair frame. Leave the wrap a little bit loose so that you can insert your flowers afterwards.

Pearls Chair Decoration |

Step 4: Cover the floral wire by tying a strand of ribbon around it. Again, keep it loose so that you have room for your flowers.

Step 5: Give a more layered, textured effect by adding another strand of ribbon.

Pearls Chair Decoration with Ribbon |

Pearl Strings with Ribbon |

Step 6: Insert the water picked roses behind the ribbon and wiring, using enough flowers to create a pretty bunch. Here we’ve used two water picks, each with 2 to 3 stems of spray roses.

Pearls Chair Decoration with Roses |

Step 7: Using its included wire backer, attach your medium-sized lace flower to your ribbon. Try and position it so that it covers the water picks.

Lace Flowers and Pearls Chair Decoration |

Step 8: Now attach your small lace flower to the pearl strand, just below your rose cluster and your larger lace flower.

Pearls and Lace Flower |

Step 9: Stand back and admire your handiwork.

Pink and Ivory Pearls and Lace Chair Decoration |


  • We used spray roses for this project because they have multiple blooms per single stem.
  • Make each loop on your pearl garland a different length. This will give a great variety.
  • We made sure to not use too many flowers lest the decoration looked bulky.

Pink Roses |


You can, of course, choose your own materials! Choose your own ribbon colour and style, or replace the ribbon altogether with lace, hessian, burlap, or any other material you’d prefer. Plus you don’t have to use pearls. Imagine how this design could shift from Vintage to Glamorous or Art Deco by simply replacing pearls (or adding to them?) with crystal garlands, charms, jewels, or strings of lights!

Also, you could get any number of stunning results by using different flowers. Perhaps mix and match them, and experiment with how many you would like to use or how spread out you would like your chair decoration to be. More bountiful bunches could look wonderful!

Rustic Glam Chair Decoration |

Furthermore, you could add a dazzling sparkle to your decoration by using crystal needles. See our DIY article A Touch of Glamour with Sparkling Wedding Bouquets for more on this, as well as the option of artificial wedding flowers!

Glamorous Wedding Decor |

Above, left to right: Clear Acrylic Beaded Garland | 3 Diamante Silver Wire Pack

Pearls and Lace Accessories |

Above, left to right: Vintage DIY Wedding Drawer | Compass Charms | Antiqued Lace Hand Fan

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