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Wedding Name Card Ideas for the Creative Couple

Name cards may seem like such a small wedding table decoration to worry about, but these 15 wedding name card ideas will show you just how striking they can be with a bit of creativity.

15 Creative Wedding Name Card Ideas

From trendy pineapple photo frames to mini chalkboards, you’ll love our selection of wedding name card ideas!


1) A Quirky, Mini Photo Frame

Photo frames come in so many designs, so you can add instant flair to your name cards by simply putting them inside of a lovely frame. It’s one of the simplest wedding name card ideas, but definitely one of the most effective.

Creative Wedding Name Card Ideas - Gold Pineapple Photo Frame - Pineapple Wedding Ideas | above: Mini Gold Pineapple Photo Frame

2) A Framed Chalkboard + Mini Vase

A chalkboard is a lovely name card alternative on its own, but combine it with a miniature vial (which can hold a flower stem with a bit of water in the bottom) and you can immediately tailor your chalkboards to your wedding through your choice of flower and flower colour. Then simply use a liquid chalk pen to write the name you want.

Unique Name Card - Chalk Board and Vase - Pastel Rustic Wedding - Pastel Peach | above: Small Framed Chalkboard with Flower Holder

3) A Ceramic Marker

This ceramic marker is a highly versatile name card idea as you just write what you want on it yourself and, afterwards, it’s easily wiped clean to use again.

Reusable Ceramic Place Setting Marker - Versatile Wedding Decor | above: White Glazed Ceramic Reusable Place Marker

4) A Dried Leaf

Perfect for a green or eco-friendly wedding, you could write your guests’ names on dried leaves either as they come or dipped in/sprayed with paint. The result can be beautiful, and it’s a fantastic way to make a statement on a budget!

Autumn Leaf Place Cards by Kari Me Photography - Autumn Leaves and Gold Script | above: Autumn Leaf Place Cards by Kari Me Photography

5) A Colourful Place Card

A lot of people, when they first think of name cards, imagine a simple white or ivory folded card with a name printed onto it. But just look at the lovely colours and designs you can have, including double-sided, personalised name cards.

Geo Marble Flat Place Card - Love is the Spice of Life - Lavender Wedding Place Cards | Geo Marble Flat Place Card with Decorative Wooden Cutlery, and Metallic Gold Twine

6) A Mini Chalkboard on a Retro Easel

This is one of our favourite wedding name card ideas because it’s such an interesting design. The shaped chalkboards and easels come in a selection of sizes and look particularly great as part of a colourful, art-inspired wedding.

Small White Wooden Easles and Mini Chalkboards - Retro Name Card Ideas - Colourful Beach Wedding - Colourful Summer Wedding Ideas | Decorative Chalkboard with Small White Wooden Easels

7) A Wooden Stake

These wooden stakes look great as part of a rustic or garden wedding theme, and they work very well with plants or flowers used as wedding favours as well as being a stylish name card alternative. Simply write your guest’s name on the stake and stick it in the soil (or food item, like a cake?).

Miniature Wooden Decorative Stakes - Garden Wedding Reception Ideas - Herbs Wedding Favours - Teacup Wedding Favours - White and Green Wedding | Modern White Cup And Saucer Favours with Miniature Wooden Decorative Stakes and “Garden Party” Diecut Sticker

8) A Card Attached to a Decorative Frame

Some couples, instead of putting name cards at the places where they would like their guests to sit, put together a table plan/seating chart for guests to look over. This means that guests can find their way to their own seats instead of searching the reception venue, and there are lots of lovely table plan ideas. For example, check out this antique style frame with rustic-glam place cards pegged to rows of twine and, below, the vintage blue table plan made up of place cards and golden key charms hanging from decorative hooks by lengths of ribbon:

Wedding Reception Stationery Display Ideas - Rustic Glam Aged White Antique Frame and Name Cards | above: Lace Medley Assorted Flat Place Cards with Vintage Inspired Antique Frame

Wedding Name Card Display Ideas - Vintage Blue Wedding Decor - Wedding Stationery with Key Charms | above: Vintage Romance Escort Cards with Mini White Wooden Clips and Clover Key CharmsSmall Metal Birdcage with Suspended Tealight Holder, Wire Basket, “Vintage Romance” Wishing Well Sign, and “Special Delivery” Airmail Stationery Set

9) On a Wedding Favour

A very popular way of presenting wedding favours is to use them as a way to show guests which seat is theirs. Make your name cards part of your wedding favours with pretty tags or, even more creatively, by writing your guest’s name on the favour itself. E.g. for a homemade biscuit wedding favour you can write the person’s name on top in icing.

Jewel Footed Favour Box and Antique Chic Card - Beautiful Favour Box Ideas - Rustic Glam Paper Bag Wedding Favour Ideas | above: Jewel Footed Box with Mocha Mousse Ribbon and Antique Chic Large Rectangular Card and Self Standing Paper Favour Bag with Antique Chic Floral Personalised Rubber StampMini White Wooden Clips and Botanical Wreath Square Tag

10) A Tall, Vintage Style Blackboard Stand

The key to a beautiful wedding table is textures and layers—some decorations high and some low. While many traditional name cards are quite low (usually sitting neatly in the centre of the place setting itself, such as on a plate), you can ensure your guests see their seat by making their name card out of a tall table stand.

Blackboard Wedding Sign Ideas - Vintage Wedding Ideas - Antique Tall Blackboard | Tabletop Antique White Blackboard StandClear Decorating Glass Bottle with Lace Paper Doily, Paper Flower, and Ribbon, Vintage Metal Table Sign Holder with Vintage Medley Card Set, and Vintage Medley Table Number Set

11) A Low, Decorative Chalkboard

Make your name cards stand out by using a beautiful decorative blackboard like this one, which is lovely enough on its own but becomes even prettier when matched with a cutting of maidenhair fern and some LOVE magnets.

Vintage Style Chalkboard - Ornate Decorative Chalkboard with Vintage Keys and LOVE Magets - Books Wedding Decor |

Featured above: Small Horizontal Standing Blackboard Sign with Aged Finish with LOVE Vintage Typewriter Key Magnets and Vintage Key Bottle Openers

12) On a Decorative Container

Another of our favourite wedding name card ideas is to combine the name card with a piece of decor, such as a decorative prop filled with flowers like the below pitcher. Simply add personalised sticker with your guest’s name on, or add a tag with ribbon, or simply write the person’s name on the vessel, and you have one beautiful name card alternative. You could even use a decorative plate standing upright, with the person’s name written in chocolate or caramel.

Vintage White Pitcher Wedding Favour - Rustic Wedding Favour Ideas - Alternative Name Card Ideas | above: Vintage White Enamelware Pitcher with “Equestrian Love” Small Sticker and Crocheted Border Handkerchief

13) A Card on a Vase

One of Confetti’s most versatile products is this set of miniature glass vases complete with wire place card holders. Simply select a name card and flower to suit your theme!

Bluebells Wedding Stationery - Vintage Blue Name Cards in a Decorative Glass Vase with Flowers - Pretty Blue Wedding Ideas | Hand Drawn Florals Wedding Stationery - Vintage Blue Name Cards in a Decorative Glass Vase with Flowers - Pretty Blue Wedding Ideas |

Featured above: Vintage Inspired Pressed Glass Vases with Table Number Holders with Vintage Romance Assorted Flat Place Cards – Bluebells, and Vintage Romance Assorted Flat Place Cards – Hand Drawn Florals

14) A Cupcake and an Acrylic Cake Topper

Cupcakes are a very cute wedding idea, whether that’s as a wedding favour or as a mini appetiser at the reception. You could go all out for your guests and have miniature acrylic cake toppers made into each of their names, ready to be inserted into a mini cupcake or other sweet treat.

Pink and White Cupcake with Acrylic Cake Topper - XOXO Cupcake - Pretty Cakes - Cake Gift Ideas - Vintage Rose Pink Wedding Cake | above: Metallic Gold Script XOXO Acrylic Cake TopperPink Rose Floral Paper Plates and Classic Gold Cake Forks

15) A Laser Cut Card

Laser cutting means your wedding stationery can be much more ornate—just look at this wonderful place card made in the shape of a silhouette of trees with two perching owls, with enough space at the bottom to write whatever you want.

Laser Cut Tree Place Card in Silver Birch Tree Effect Card Holder - Tree Silhouette with Owls Wedding Stationery | above: Laser Expressions Tree Silhouette With Owls Laser Cut Glass Card with Faux Silver Birch Log Card Holder


Of course, if you prefer traditional name cards there are many beautiful ones to choose from—they look stunning as part of a full place setting. Check out Confetti’s full range and be inspired, and add further finishing touches to your wedding table with themed place card holders.

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