DIY Winter Wedding Cinnamon Candles

Wow Winter DIY Ideas

Wedding planner and top wedding blogger Phoebe Miller knows just how to get brides excited about the finishing touches to their big day. Lucky for us she’s agreed to offer some seasonal DIY ideas for our winter brides. Thanks Phoebe!

DIY Winter Wedding Cinnamon Candles


1. Warm the cockles: Perfect for a cosy winter reception, sloe gin embodies the fall months. Its dark plum colour and rich syrupy taste is best enjoyed sat next to a roaring log fire whilst snow silently falls outside. Why not give guests a taste of winter to take home from your wedding? It is exceptionally easy to make and cost effective. Muster up the bridal party, don your wellies and venture in to the British countryside to pick the sloes. Add sugar, cheap gin and shake, leave for two months and it’s done! Decanter in to small bottles adorned with ribbon and a hand written name tag.

2. Jam packed: Another lovely DIY favour to make in the autumn is jam. So easy to make en mass, and it looks beautiful wrapped up in pretty jars matching your wedding theme. Roaming round the countryside picking berries is exceptionally satisfying and guests will love the effort that has been put in. Make it seasonal by adding winter berries and some spice.

3. Looking lovely: For DIY decor, cinnamon candles look and smell lovely whilst nestled amongst foliage on mantle pieces or reception tables.

You will need:


•Whole cinnamon sticks

•Rubber band


Attach the rubber band around the candle and slot in the whole cinnamon sticks until the candle is covered, place ribbon or twine around the candle to cover up the band and it’s done!

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