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11 Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Forget about the Michael Buble impersonators and the classic rock tribute bands. If you want wedding entertainment with a difference that will wow your guests and keep their interests until the wee hours of the reception, then you want these guys! Here are 11 of the best wedding entertainment ideas has to offer and we promise, you won’t be disappointed!

1. Take a Photo; it’ll Last Longer

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There’s no denying it, we’re all addicted to our mobiles. Most of us sleep with them right next to our heads and many of us take them with us into the loo. When we’re not using them for chatting and texting, they’re our right-hand for taking selfies, usies and groupies. After you’ve said your nuptials and tied the knot, your guests will be ready to whip their phones out and snap a few photos for their social media threads. We suggest going old school and hiring a fun and fabulous photo booth! Hire your booth for an hour or so or for the whole duration of your reception; no matter how long it’s there, your guests will love it!


Have some photo booth props on hand to ensure your guests take a variety of photos from the glam to the crazy! Our photo booth props are great and include faux moustaches, whimsical cards and paper sunglasses. Just add slightly inebriated guests and you’ll have a recipe for class act wedding entertainment.

2. Keep it Quiet

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Okay, so you’ll most likely look like a muppet, but you’ll have so much fun it won’t matter! We’re talking about silent discos! Hire the headphones, submit a playlist of your top tracks to the DJ to be programmed and watch your family and your mates bust a move on the dance floor. This option is perfect for wedding venues that don’t have late licences. There’s no need to stop the party; just stop the noise!

3. Jump Around; Jump Up, Jump Up & Get Down

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Bouncy castles aren’t just for kids! Kick your shoes off and climb in for a good hop. This one’s pretty self explanatory and as long as you make sure to bounce before you booze, there shouldn’t be too many accidents! A bouncy castle is also a good way to keep the kids at your wedding entertained at the same time as the adults. Win-win!

4. Cartoon Yourself

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You’ve got to have pretty thick skin to sit for a caricaturist, but it does make for unforgettable wedding entertainment! Invite a caricaturist in to draw portraits of your guests as they unwind at your evening do. They’re always popular for a whimsical, laid back evening and they’re good for venues where you’ve got to keep the noise under control.

5. Sing Alleluia!

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Photo Credit: Incognito Gospel Choir

Never thought you’d tie the knot? Let a gospel choir belt out your joy with a rendition of Alleluia or O Happy Day! It’s a fun, unique way to entertain your guests! A gospel choir is traditionally made up of a range of powerful voices singing moving hymns and spirituals. While you don’t have to go whole hog and have a choir serenade you throughout the evening, emerging from your venue hand in hand with your love while a choir sings O Happy Day is admittedly romantic and fun.

6. It’s a Circus!

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Photo Credit: Teardrop Aerial & Circus

Want to wow your guests? Hire acrobats and circus performers! As they dangle from trapezes and tumble and flip across your venue, your guests will be in awe of their skill, dedication and general bendyness. This is another option that is good for the kids and the adults. Just mind some of your guests realise they’re only meant to be observing the acrobatics, not trying to recreate them! No one wants to end up in A&E!

7. Pull it out of your Hat

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Photo Credit: Trickman Magic

Magicians as wedding entertainment are gaining popularity. While you and most of your guests will probably be a bit old for pulling rabbits out of hats, slight of hand and more modern magic tricks are sure to entertain all of your guests, children and adults alike. Don’t forget the magic word!

8. Have a Cracker of an Evening

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Photo Credit: Pyrotastic

If you’ve got a nighttime do planned, start or finish the evening with a bang with the help of a professional fireworks display! An easy entertaining option, just make sure your embarrassing uncle doesn’t try to source and set up the fireworks himself! Make sure you call in the professionals for this one and for Pete’s sake, do not try to DIY this aspect of your entertainment!

9. DJ Your Own Do

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Photo Credit: Stick It On

Now this is one seriously cool idea: take the reigns of the DJ in your hand and DJ your disco! You can even invite your guests to play a song that reminds them of a memory they have with the happy couple or just a song that they want to let loose to. No matter what you decide, everyone will enjoy cranking out the tunes when it’s their turn and you’re sure to get a few memorable moments.

10. Keep the Kids Entertained

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Photo Credit: Nanny City Angels

If you’re allowing small children at your reception, you may want to consider getting a mobile creche so they can stay occupied! The creche workers will be CRB checked and will have enough interesting activities on hand to keep the children entertained while the adults imbibe, boogey and make memories.

11. See Your Day through Their Eyes

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Disposable Wedding Cameras from £3.59,

This last one is a classic but a good one: leave a few disposable cameras on each table at your reception with instructions for your guests to snap as many photos as they’d like enjoying themselves and your W Day. After you’re back from your honeymoon, get the film developed and make a collage –online or offline– of some of the best photos and share with your guests. You’ll enjoy seeing what the day was like for them as well as seeing some intimate moments you may have missed!

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