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5 Ways To Make Your First Dance More Memorable

Everything now is instant and viral. No doubt you will have seen countless weird, wonderful and crazy first dances on YouTube and social media, and you’re probably scratching your head thinking ‘how can I follow that?’.

There is nothing wrong with your traditional first dance, but many couples are choosing this moment over all others to showcase their quirks and personality as a couple. Check out these 5 ways to make your first dance more memorable and unique, courtesy of Warble Entertainment Agency.


1. Choose a Song That Represents You as a Couple

Ways To Make Your First Dance More Memorable | Confetti.co.ukThere are countless lists and guides out there for picking the ‘perfect’ first dance song. They’ll often list the same songs over and over, usually your typical romantic ballad or something that’s been popular this year! That’s all well and good if one if these tracks is your all time favourite tune – but if you’re not super keen on it and are just choosing it because you feel like you should then it might be time to reassess.

Your song doesn’t have to be anything too outlandish or shocking, as long as it means something to you and reflects your style that’s all that matters. After all, it’s your special moment.

2. Have Your Wedding Band Perform the Song Live

Live Wedding Band | Confetti.co.ukThere is nothing more unique than having a bespoke live performance of your first dance song. Some couples opt for a recording of the song so they can choreograph a dance to it. Believe us when we say that if you have the opportunity to have your first dance song performed live – go for it!

Most bands will offer the option of learning your first dance as a free service when you book them. Doing this is also a great way to introduce the band to the evening and get the party started, just make sure you give them enough notice to learn your chosen track.

3. Flash Mobs & Surprises

Wedding Flash Mobs and Surprises | Confetti.co.ukOk, we totally get it if you rolled your eyes or sighed at this one. It’s possible that you might be jaded from reading about quirky weddings online and are sick of the words ‘Flash Mob’, but there’s still life in it yet – if you approach it the right way.

The best part about a flash mob is the surprise element of it. Surprise entertainment comes in many forms so get creative with it! It’s always better if you can somehow tailor it to your personality as a couple so you’ll have to be clever here. Whether you get a Mariachi Band to storm in or a hilarious celebrity lookalike to come join you on the dance floor, you’re sure to get a reaction. Also, if you can’t dance then hire some professional dancers to take that weight off your shoulders!

4. Bandeoke

Wedding Bandeoke | Confetti.co.ukWe’ve seen this more and more recently with the rise in popularity of ‘Bandeoke’ as a concept. If you want to go unconventional but still want the limelight, a duet rather than a first dance is a great idea. Bandeoke offers you and your guests the chance to release their inner rock star! Why not set the evening off with a song both chosen by you and subsequently sung by you, with the backing of a rocking live band?

5. Fill The Dance Floor Immediately

Fill The Wedding Dance Floor | Confetti.co.uk

You’ll be surprised at how 3 minutes of your first dance can feel like eternity for some couples. What will often happen is that guests are invited up to join you after a couple of verses. An awesome and alternative way of kicking off the night is to announce ‘everyone on the dance floor!’ and enjoy your first dance with all your guests.

Trust us when we say your band will absolutely love you if you do this. It can be really difficult to fill a completely empty dance floor after a first dance so if you can do this for them before they’ve even played a single note, you are in for a great night!

Blog by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment.








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