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14 Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding entertainment adds fun and excitement to your celebration—most commonly, the wedding reception. And there are many different options you can take advantage of, such as the traditional wedding disco and fireworks displays or something a bit more unique. Here are fourteen of our favourite alternative wedding entertainment ideas.

Traditional wedding entertainment |
Traditional wedding disco and fireworks display.

Above, Blackjack Wedding Discos and MDL Fireworks Ltd



Most couples decide to have a disco at their wedding; this can include a live band/performer, a DJ, or even a simple playlist. But you can add a dash of extra fun by having a karaoke. Get your guests up and involved—maybe even make a competition out of it. It will charge the atmosphere and get everyone in a fine party spirit.

Wedding karaoke |
Wedding bands and karaoke fun.


Fireworks are a traditional wedding finale, but you can light up the sky with other things too, such as paper lanterns, sparklers, or a bonfire.

Wedding sparklers |
Wedding sparklers and lanterns.


Often used for hen and stag parties a hired casino is a fantastic way to begin the wedding reception. It provides a great bit of fun, even if the money’s not real, and starts the night with a bang.

Wedding casino hire |
Wedding casino hire by The Fun Casino Hire.


A magician can inspire wonder and fascination with dazzling tricks and illusions—and he or she will be popular amongst all the family too! Similarly, you could look at alternative performers such as hypnotists and fortune tellers.

Wedding magicians |
Wedding magicians via Entertainers Worldwide.


A stand-up comedian can set the mood of the evening by putting everybody in good spirits and bringing a smile to their faces. Comedians are a growing trend in the weddingsphere because of the enjoyment they bring to the wedding celebration.

Bride and Groom Laughing at Speeches
Laughing bride and groom.


Quite a few couples hire a caricaturist for their wedding celebration, but one alternative to this is a silhouette artist.

Wedding caricatures and silhouettes |
Wedding caricatures and silhouettes.

Above: The Wedding Artist, Caricature Entertainment | The Shadow Cutter – Silhouette Art by Mark Conlin


A broad option, dancers include everything from ballet dancing, belly dancing, and break dancing to fire dancing and acrobats. Furthermore, this could give way to hiring a dance teacher so that all of your guests can get involved.

Fire dancers wedding entertainment |
Fire dancers for wedding celebrations.

Snack Carts or Bars

Ranging from candy to ice cream to fruit or hot chocolate, carts and bars both look pretty and are massively fun for your guests. They work to accentuate your wedding theme too—a hot chocolate bar, for example, is the perfect option for a winter wedding.

Wedding candy buffets |
Wedding fruit and candy buffets.

Above: The Candy Company | The Sweet Occasions Co


A fountain could be made up of anything from chocolate to champagne, and they work as fantastic table or buffet centrepieces.

Chocolate fountain for weddings |
A chocolate fountain buffet for a wedding by The Sweet Occasions.

Wine Tasting

Make your wedding an even more unforgettable experience by adding something new for your guests. Wine tasting, for example. Other sensory tasting options include champagne tasting, coffee tasting, and brandy tasting.

Wedding wine and champagne glasses |
Alternatives to wine tasting include champagne and brandy tasting.

Above: Diane and David’s Real Wedding in Italy | Janine and Gary’s Pink and Cream Real Wedding

Singing Waiters

From mariachi bands to classical singers, singing waiters are a wonderful surprise for your wedding reception. And often they’re very flexible with their performances, suitable for any wedding.


Singing waiters for weddings |
Singing waiters for weddings from Joanna and Tristan’s Country House Real Wedding

Photo/Video Booths

Offering an opportunity to snap a fun photo of the big day and to record personal messages of congratulations for the bride and groom, a photo/video booth is a great addition to your wedding. And you could offer a box of props for your guests to dress up with too!

Photo booth wedding entertainment |
Photo booth wedding entertainment by Fototastic Photo Booths.

Also, see Confetti’s shop for our fantastic Vintage Affair Photo Booth Kit, filled with fun props that will make your photos extra special.

Children’s Entertainment

If there are children attending your wedding then you might want to give them something to do throughout the evening. That can mean anything from providing colouring books or board games to hiring child-friendly entertainment such as puppeteers, face painters, pantomime performers, or a bouncy castle.

Children's wedding entertainment |
Children’s wedding entertainment, including a bouncy castle and face paints.

Above: The White Bouncy Castle Ltd | Arts and Enchantments via Entertainers Worldwide


Guaranteed to be fun for everyone, with games at your wedding the possibilities are endless. Organise games such as croquet, apple bobbing, and bashing at a piñata, or create carnival-style games like ring tossing.

Fun wedding games |
Fun wedding games suitable for all themes.

Above: Vintage Meets Circus Meets Festival – Lucy and Adam’s Real Wedding | Kerrie and Carl’s Real Wedding in Wonderland


There are many more entertainment ideas for you to consider too (e.g. jugglers and ice sculptures), and you invite even more opportunities once you decide on your theme. For example, with a medieval wedding theme you could consider falconry or archery. See our articles for more wedding entertainment ideas and for some advice on what to consider when choosing your wedding entertainment.

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