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Booking a Caricaturist For a Wedding

So you’re thinking of hiring a caricaturist for your wedding…. And why the heck not – it’s a great idea! Caricaturists are an extremely popular choice for weddings at the moment for a number of reasons. Mainly that they are extremely versatile and will fit into any part of your day but also because they provide a great memento of your special day for your guests to take away with them… A favour if you like. So here are some pointers on booking a caricaturist by Warble Entertainment.

Monochrome black and white Bride and Groom Wedding Caricature


You’ve decided you definitely want to book a caricaturist for your wedding but what part of the day will work best…

The best time to book a caricaturist for a wedding is during the drinks reception. The photographer usually kidnaps the Bride and Groom at this point and so keeping your guests entertained means you can be guilt free and make sure you take your time to get the perfect shots.

Another good time is at the start of the evening reception – especially if you have extra guests coming along who didn’t attend the daytime. A caricaturist will help break the ice and bring both parties together.

As previously mentioned though, caricaturists are an extremely versatile form of wedding entertainment and so will happily fit into any part of your day.


Now you know when to book but you’re not sure how long to book them for…

Caricaturists can draw between 10 – 15 people per hour but it is worth noting that not everyone will want one. The added bonus of a caricaturist, which many people don’t consider, is that they attract a crowd and most guests find it just as entertaining to watch as they do getting drawn.  The minimum amount of time a caricaturist should be booked for is two hours but they are usually hired for 3 -5 hours depending on the number of guests and time you would like to fill.

Next you’re going to ask if they charge extra for the caricatures they draw…

If you are booking a caricaturist through a reputable agency they will provide a fully inclusive quote. This will include any travel costs, pens, paper, any drawings the caricaturist completes and often protective plastic wallets to store them in too.

Groomsmen Monochrome Black and White Wedding Caricature

If you are wondering if there is anything you need to provide then keep reading…

The main requirement of a caricaturist is good lighting. It doesn’t need to be floodlit but they do need to see who they are drawing and so disco lighting wouldn’t work.  If you would like your caricaturist to stay stationery so your guests can find them easily and queue if they want a caricature, than a well-lit area with a chair would be great. Sometimes they can provide their own suitable lamp and so would just require a plug socket.  The alternative is to have your caricaturist mix & mingle with your guests in which case, just enough area to move around easily and good lighting is great.
It is also a good idea to keep your caricaturist fed and watered. The general rule is that if they are with you for 3 hours or less then just soft drinks or tea and coffee is fine but for more than 3 hours they will require a short break and some refreshments – sandwiches is absolutely fine.

Bride and Groom Wedding Caricature
Left: Image courtesy of Demonpen Caricatures

Last but not least, you’d like to know if they offer any optional extras…

Yes, actually they do. Many caricaturists will offer the option of pre-printed paper with your names and the date of your wedding on. Some may just require an additional fee to cover the cost of the printing but many offer this free of charge.
Another idea, which is very popular for weddings, is to have a pre-drawn picture of the Bride and Groom which guests can sign… as an alternative to a guest book.
Or a pre-drawn picture of the bride and groom can also be a great for wedding stationary…

See, we told you they are versatile!




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