Booking a Wedding Magician: Everything You Need to Know

Couples looking to add a little something special to their big day with amazing entertainment should consider hiring a wedding magician; not only will your guests be left spellbound, it’s a great ice breaker for groups of people who don’t know each other well.

We spoke to magician Guy Wade about everything you need to know before booking your wedding magician.



What Advice do you have for Couples who want to Hire a Magician?

“As with any supplier, make sure you don’t pick the first one who comes along,” says Guy.

“Every magician has a style and you want to make sure that the magician you choose will fit in with your day and be a hit with your guests.”

“Almost anyone can learn some tricks – the real magic comes when you find a magician who will gel with your friends and family and get people laughing and having fun. Good entertainment will make your guests remember your wedding for years to come.”

“As will all other suppliers you will want to make sure a magician has public liability insurance; not only does that give you peace of mind, it shows that they are taking things seriously.”

What does a Magician Add to a Wedding?

“A good magician knows that it’s not all about the tricks,” says Guy.

“In fact, most of the benefit is seeing friends and family smiling, laughing, having fun. Having an extra experience at your wedding that they will always remember. It can also help people make friends and mingle – a wedding is often the first time that your friends and members from both of your families meet. A magician is a great ice-breaker. Lastly, there are often natural lulls in a wedding, a magician can keep the energy alive in those down moments.”

“I always make sure there is something special for the bride and groom. A piece of magic that helps seal the emotion of the day and leaves them with both a memory and a physical souvenir.”

When During the Wedding Should we have a Magician?

“There are three times when you might want a magician,” advises Guy.

“During the drinks reception is the first option. While you’re off having your picture taken, your guests might start wondering how long it will be until food is served. Keep them occupied and entertained with a magician.”

“The second option is during the wedding breakfast. Not everyone can be served at once, no matter how efficient the caterers and waiters are. A magician can go from table-to-table, making sure everyone is happy and entertained.”

“The final option is to have a magician during the evening festivities. Not everyone wants to dance all the time. When feet are getting sore and your guests need a breather, let your magician amaze them with some tricks.”


How Long will the Magician be there for?

“A standard booking is two hours, but three isn’t unusual,” shares Guy

Do Couples get a Chance to See a Magician’s Tricks Before Their Wedding?

“I often meet couples at wedding fairs and can show them a few tricks there,” explains Guy.

“I’m also very proud to be one of the resident magicians at Houdini’s Magic Bar in Canterbury. Couples who are thinking of booking me for their wedding often come along on one of the nights I’m there to see me in performance mode.”

“I’ve been around weddings for many years, both as a magician and a toastmaster. I always recommend you meet suppliers before booking them. I’ll often travel to meet a bride and groom so they can be sure I’m the right person for them.”

Do you Discuss the Kind of Tricks you’ll Perform Before the Wedding?

“Generally we don’t discuss actual tricks,” shares Guy.

“Most of the magic I do is geared towards adults. I also have a rule that I don’t pick on anyone or make anyone look silly. At a wedding with a lot of children it may be that I’m not the right magician for the job. I’ll always recommend someone else if that’s the case.”

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