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Top Tips on Booking Your Wedding Entertainment

Here’s everything you ever needed to know about booking your wedding entertainment, from how much to budget and when to book, to venues and public liability insurance, courtesy of the experts at Warble Entertainment.  

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If you have never booked entertainers before, you may be feeling a little daunted by it, especially when added to the list of everything else you need to do. We hope these top tips will help make this part of your wedding planning easy, stress-free and most of all, as fun as possible.

Why do I need entertainment at my wedding?

Wedding entertainment is a great ice-breaker for family and friends who don’t know each other. It can be a talking point which will take the strain off you having to look after guests, meaning you can relax and enjoy your big day even more. Booking the right entertainment could elevate your wedding from great to amazing, and really help it stand out so you and your guests will remember it for years to come.

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What type of entertainment should I consider?

The type of entertainment you book should reflect on the style of day you are hoping to create, and your personality. If you are looking for a classic and romantic theme then a beautiful harpist or string quartet playing for your ceremony and through to your drinks reception will create the perfect backdrop. On the other hand, if you are planning a festival wedding then it wouldn’t make sense without an awesome live band to headline. For brides and grooms wanting to inject some humour into proceedings, you could consider surprise entertainment such as celebrity lookalikes, surprise singing waiters, a caricaturist or a comedian.

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How soon should I book wedding entertainment?

Generally you should aim to book your entertainment 12-18 months prior to your big day to make sure you secure the exact act or band you want. No one wants to settle for second best.

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Do I need to check anything with my venue?

It’s always best to speak to your venue and let them know what entertainment you are planning. There are a couple of things a venue may ask you for:

– a PLI certificate (Public Liability insurance). All acts or bands should be able to supply this.
– a PAT certificate (Portable Appliance Testing). Any act that has equipment requiring power should have one of these.

Other things to consider are:

– space – will your venue have the space for the act you require?
– power – is there a power source close by if the act requires it?
– parking – is there available space for your act to park?
– changing room – is there somewhere the act or band can use to change and store their personal belongings if they require this?

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How much budget should I set aside?

This completely depends on the type of entertainment you book, but, to give you a very rough idea:

– a live party band (3-4 piece) could cost £800 – £1200
– walkabout entertainment (caricaturists and magicians) could cost between £250 – £500 for 2 hours
– solo or duo musical entertainment for the afternoon, could cost between £400 – £600.

There are lots of factors to consider, which may affect these prices so it’s always worth shopping around and comparing entertainment based on the quality and experience, not just the price.

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Once I’ve decided on the act I want to book, what happens next?

You should be expected to pay a deposit for your act, usually around 15-20% of the total fee and sign some booking paperwork to include all the important details, including the date, location and timings. It is standard for the act to then get in touch with you directly 3-4 weeks before the big day to confirm all the finer details.

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Is there anything I should provide for my act on the day?

As standard, you will need to provide parking and soft drinks for your act. If they are on-site for more than 3 hours then you would usually be required to provide some food for the act. Then, simply sit back, relax and enjoy your amazing day with family and friends.

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