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Choosing Wedding Bands or Entertainers

From ceilidh’s to discos, the wedding entertainment is a vital part of the big day and often takes up a huge part of the evening. It needs to keep your guests amused. …But what should you look for in wedding bands or entertainers to ensure they’re right for you?

46 fire dancer wedding entertainmentAbove, fire dancing: Kate and Rich’s Ibiza Summer Wedding


Wedding entertainment checklist

When considering entertainers it’s probably best to bear these points in mind:


  • What type of entertainment would you like? DJ? Dance band? Cover band?
  • How do they charge? Do they offer any special packages or discounts? Is there a minimum time requirement? Will they play overtime and at what cost? Are travel costs included?
  • Will you be responsible for feeding the entertainers?

Checking them out

  • Do they have a demo tape you can listen to?
  • Where can you hear them perform live?
  • In the case of a band, how long have these particular musicians played together?
  • How long have they been performing at weddings?

Wedding Band Kings of LeonAbove: Jane and Andy’s Elegant Real Wedding


  • What time will they arrive? How long will it take to set up? Will it be before guests arrive?
  • How often do they take breaks and how long are they?
  • Can arrangements be made for taped music to play during breaks?
  • How will they be dressed?

The venue

  • Does the venue have an entertainment license?
  • Is there a sufficient power supply for any entertainment/sound systems that will be required?
  • Are there noise level restrictions that must be adhered to? Can the volume be easily controlled?
  • Is there any equipment you will need to supply? Extension leads? A public address system?

Nightlights Disco Wedding EntertainmentAbove: Nightlights Disco


  • Do they work from a predetermined play list?
  • Are you able to pass on a list of songs you do or don’t want?
  • Are they able to accommodate requests?

Booking and paying

  • How far in advance are bookings required?
  • What is the cancellation/postponement policy?
  • How much is the deposit to secure the date and when is it due?
  • How soon after the event is the balance due?
  • Is VAT included in the final price?
  • Confirm dates, times and details with a written contract.
  • Get insurance.

License to Ceilidh Wedding EntertainmentAbove: License to Ceilidh

Make sure you have heard or seen your would-be entertainers. Bands might send tapes or invites so you can hear them play, and discos should allow you to choose many or all of the songs played.

Alternatively, entertainment agents can arrange everything for you. Reputable agents should be registered with either The Entertainment Agents Association of Great Britain or The National Entertainment Agents Council.

MDL Fireworks LtdAbove: MDL Fireworks Ltd

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