Earcandy: Helping You Find Your Perfect Wedding Entertainment

With all the planning and thought that goes into your wedding day, from cake tastings, to venue viewings to dress fittings, you want every aspect of your day to be perfect – and that includes the entertainment.

We’ve been to far too many weddings where the wedding entertainment let the rest of the day down; a disappointing cover band or a lacklustre DJ can turn a fun-filled wedding day into an evening reception that drags on.


Luckily, Earcandy is here to help. They have a wealth of reliably great live bands and DJs on their books, one of which you’re sure to love, whether you’re after a motown inspired set list or a female lead pop / rock group.

All of the artists on Earcandy’s books have been hand selected, so you can guarantee wildly talented musicians who will keep your guests on their feet all night long.

They even have a Christmas band for any festive weddings, if that floats your boat!

“We’re not a typical agency with thousands of acts on our books, instead, we think of ourselves more like a boutique production company – and we think that means you get better entertainment,” says Earcandy’s Founder Ben.

“All of our performers are handpicked and auditioned, not only for their musical talent but also their ability to really connect with guests and create a genuinely unforgettable experience. Many of our performers have worked with some of the biggest names in the music business, in the west end and even for some of the biggest brands in the world – so they know how to bring real magic to your wedding. We utilise techniques and approaches from the commercial music industry and bring that right to your wedding.”

If you know you want a DJ for the evening, but are stuck for how to entertain your guests during the day, Earcandy can help with this too, providing a soundtrack to complement the biggest day of your life – from a string quartet to a harpist, Earcandy’s acts will transform your day into a classy affair.

With a wealth of talented artists on their books, it might be tricky for you to choose just one, luckily Earcandy is on hand to guide you.

“When you enquire with us, we will have a complimentary consultation to help pair the exact entertainment that will achieve what you are trying to go for, whether it’s classical music for a sophisticated atmosphere for the ceremony or something more contemporary for the evening,” says Ben. “We have our finger on the pulse of what makes truly great entertainment.”

“If you’re struggling to decide on the kind of entertainment you want, we suggest you always go with your gut,” Ben advises.

“The right entertainment should make you ‘feel’ something – you’ve got to imagine yourself on the day, will this band or DJ get your guests engaged and leave them on a high – that’s what you want to aim for. The entertainment needs to be one of the highlights of the wedding.”

Head to Earcandy to make all of your wedding entertainment dreams come true, and click play below for a taste of the acts in action.

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