Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Wedding Photo Booth

One of our favourite post-wedding activities is rifling through our clutch bag to find all of the wedding photo booth print outs from the night before; snaps of us wearing ridiculous hats and feather boas are the best way to remember the night before, which can sometimes be a little blurry – blame the open bar…

There’s more to hiring a wedding photo booth than just plonking it down in your venue and hoping for the best.


We spoke to Surrey FaceBooth for everything you need to know about hiring a wedding photo booth.


The Different Types of Photo Booth

The first thing you need to consider is the kind of photo booth you want; do you want a photo booth that the guests operate themselves, or do you want a member of staff to man the booth and direct your guests on how to use it?

This job is sometimes given to one of the groomsmen, but it can be a boring task if they have to stay at the booth for the whole wedding. With this in mind, it’s worth hiring a photo booth from a company that provides a member of staff to operate it.

Surrey FaceBooth has several different types of photo booth, from a fun inflatable one to a magic mirror booth, which looks amazing at stately home wedding venues.

How Much Space do You Need for a Photo Booth?

Photo booths vary in size, so take this into consideration when choosing your venue.

When you’re being shown around the venue make sure to check if they can accommodate a photo booth. If you’re limited on space, it’s worth considering small photo booth options, like Surrey FaceBooth’s Selfie Pod.

How Many People Can Fit in a Photo Booth?

Because they’re all different sizes, different photo booths can accommodate different amounts of people. Consider whether you want photos of loads of guests larking about together all squeezed in, or if you want more sensible couple shots inside the booth.

Surrey FaceBooth’s booths fit between eight and 15 people in shot.

How Long Does it Take to Set Up a Wedding Photo Booth?

Photo Booths take about an hour to set up, so keep this in mind for the timings of your day. Do you want the booth ready at your reception when you arrive, or are you happy for it to be set up after the wedding breakfast?


Does a Photo Booth Come with Props?

Generally when you hire a photo booth it comes with a dressing up box of props; if you want specific things, consider buying these in advance of the big day to make sure you have them ready for guests to pose with.

Can I have Branding on my Photo Booth Prints?

If you want your wedding hashtag or your wedding date or names printed on all of your shots, that’s totally possible. When you book your booth the company should ask about any graphics you want on your photos.

Make sure to ask the place you’re hiring the booth from if they offer this service.

How Many Print Outs Do We get?

Normally two copies of each set of photos is printed out – one for your guests to take home as a memento and one for them to stick in a photo guest book.

The photo guest book should be placed on a table outside of the booth, along with glue sticks and pens for guests to stick their photo in and write you a message. If the photo booth is manned, the member of staff will remind guests to stick the photos in – otherwise, this could be a job for one of the bridal party.

Are there Different Photo Booth Backgrounds Available?

We’ve all seen the quirky photo booth shots with guests in weird and wacky locations like on a roller coaster or under the sea – if this is up your street, check whether your photo booth has the possibility to do this.

Fingers crossed this has answered all of your wedding photo booth questions – if not, do get in touch with Surrey FaceBooth to find out all about their options.

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