Fireworks, Lanterns and Light

Remember, remember… a dazzling fireworks display is the ultimate wedding night finale. As darkness falls, invite your guests to step outside and gaze up at the stars to enjoy a spectacular light show in celebration of your marriage. With glowing lanterns to light the way, paint the sky together in sparklers and your photographer could capture some truly magical moments.



Image from Kerrie and Carl’s Real Wedding.

Wedding fireworks

Fireworks displays are a great way to bring sparkle and glamour to your evening reception. It’s tempting to ask a trusted (and sober) best man and ushers to put on a small-scale fireworks display (checking first with your venue that this is possible) but we recommend hiring the fireworks display professionals to put on a stunning light show that will leave each guest with everlasting memories of your day.

Add extra sparkle to your celebration and your wedding photos by giving guests, or at least the bridal party, their own sparklers and then watch the magic unfold.

Lanterns and light

Lanterns and light will transform an evening wedding reception into a bright and colourful or warm and cosy event. Your choice of wedding venue can enhance this further as glass or domed ceilings, picture windows and beautiful balconies can be used to great effect.

Light the way down a path with ground level or wall-mounted lanterns or drape tree branches with hanging lanterns for a romantic feel.

Candle Lanterns Outside Reception

Guests wit Sparklers Waiting for Newlyweds

Bride and Groom Leaving the Reception

From Ruth and Toby’s Real Wedding.

wise wedding venue light at night

Image from Wise Wedding Venue.

Cassandra & Stephen's Real Wedding by Douglas Fry Photography

Cassandra & Stephen's Real Wedding by Douglas Fry Photography

From Cassandra and Stephen’s Real Wedding.

Bride and Groom With Lighted Umbrellas

From Lucy and Adam’s Real Wedding.

Fireworks displays are undoubtedly exciting and spectacular, but do remember to ask your wedding venue and check local restrictions before planning a display. Enjoy the beauty and the spectacle of your fireworks display.

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