Spectacular Receptions with Wedding Fireworks

Nowadays, no fashionable wedding or celebration is complete without a big finish. And a wedding fireworks display can serve as both a romantic moment between the bride and groom, and thrilling entertainment for the guests.

wedding fireworks


Picture if you will the scene; you’ve finished your wedding breakfast and everyone has had a great time on the dance floor. Darkness has fallen, and for the grand finale to your day you invite all of your guests outside and ask them to direct their gaze heavenward. Whoops, cheers, sighs and laughter fill the air as your perfect day ends with a spectacular bang!

Pyrotechnical displays are a great way to bring a bit of celebrity glamour to proceedings. From Posh and Becks to Coleen and Wayne, and Tom and Katie to Brad and Jen, no WAG or Hollywood starlet considers her special day complete without an extravagant fireworks display.

You don’t have to splash out A‐list cash to sprinkle a little Hollywood magic on your celebration though. Many couples are now seeking out DIY displays as a great value way of bringing the wow‐factor to their wedding without blowing the budget. Ask a responsible adult – an usher or the best man, to be in charge of the display on the night, and reward them with a bottle of champagne afterwards! Just be sure to check with your venue first.

Wedding Reception Fireworks DisplaysAbove: MDL Fireworks Ltd

With DIY displays, you can enjoy small or medium sized choreographed pyrotechnics with all of the show‐stopping qualities to really stun your guests. The single light, multi‐shot kits mean that creating a magnificent display couldn’t be simpler, choose one for an elegant interlude in your evening, or combine several kits for a show‐stopping grand finale. For larger scale and longer lasting fireworks hire a fireworks specialist to put on a show.

Find more fireworks companies in Confetti’s supplier directory, and see some fantastic, inspirational display ideas in Fireworks, Lanterns and Lights.

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