Mother and Son Dance Songs for Your Wedding

Parent dances are becoming increasingly popular at weddings; we’ve seen father and daughter dances become steadily more common at weddings, and now it’s time for mother and son dances to step into the spotlight.

The mother of the groom can sometimes be left out when it comes to wedding planning; with no specific roles to keep her busy, she can feel at a loose end on the big day, so a mother and son dance is the perfect way to make sure she feels included, and gets her time to shine on the wedding day.


Traditionally an American custom, some grooms might feel uncomfortable with all eyes on them and their mum, but by choosing the perfect song, any awkward feelings are dismissed, and it’s the perfect way to show your mum how much she means to you.

If you’re worried about the mother of the bride then feeling left out (so much wedding politics to consider!), or you think your mum might feel shy taking to the floor, wedding planner Aimee Dunne has an idea: “Personally I would suggest a father / daughter dance and then towards the end inviting both sets of parents up.”

That way, everyone is happy!

Whether you choose a song that the two of you used to sing together when you were young, your mum’s favourite song of all time, or a cute upbeat track, we guarantee your mum will be touched by the gesture of a mother song dance.

Scroll down for our suggestions for the perfect mother and song dance songs.


Ain’t No Mountain – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

This upbeat track about doing anything for the one you love is a perfect mother and son dance song – the fast pace means you and your mum won’t have to do an awkward shuffle about the dance floor, and can encourage the rest of the guests to take to the floor during the song, meaning all eyes aren’t on the pair of you for too long!

You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman

Any Toy Story fans will be transported back to their childhood with this positive ditty. It keeps the dance lighthearted, but is still sentimental and allows you twirl your mum about the dance floor.

God’s Plan – Drake

Bear with us on this one; we know Drake isn’t every mum’s cup of tea, but the lyric “I only love my bed and my momma I’m sorry” will raise a smile from the whole wedding congregation. This is a better track to drag your mum onto the dance floor to bop with you to, rather than a pre-planned mother and son dance.

Angels – Robbie Williams

Robbie famously wrote this track about his own mum, so it makes for an obvious mother and son dance song. We doubt there will be a dry eye in the house as the two of you take to the dance floor to this track.

How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding

Prince William and Kate Middleton had Ellie Goulding as their wedding singer, and while playing her songs isn’t quite the same, it’s the next best thing. This heartfelt piano song is a sweet tune to dance with your mother to, just don’t blame us if she (or you!) gets a bit weepy.

This Year’s Love – David Gray

While we’re on the subject of weeping, this track by David Gray is always a hit with mums, and talks about an unending love that easily applies to the mother and son bond.

The Best Day – Taylor Swift

Taytay might be better known for her heartbreak anthems, but this adorable country style track talks about her great relationship with her mum, making it a dreamy song for a mother and son dance. It’s got a medium paced beat, so you can do a mixture of swaying and bopping – perfect, if you ask us!

Take Your Mama – Scissor Sisters

For mums who love a proper boogie on the dance floor, we’d like to point you in the direction of Take Your Mama by the Scissor Sisters. A far cry from traditional slow wedding dance songs, this is perfect for bold mums to take to the floor during.

Hold up a Light – Take That

Rule The World and The Greatest Day are renowned wedding songs by Take That, but this uplifting track sounds perfect for a mother and son dance if you ask us. There’s no rule to say your mother and song dance has to be formal like the first dance, just make sure your mum is by your side when this song comes on.

Drops of Jupiter – Train

This rousing anthem is a song that everyone recognises and was written by the lead singer about the loss of his own mother. It’s perfect for taking your mum for a spin around the dance floor too. It’s relatively long at 4 minutes 20 seconds, so it might be a song that you get the rest of the wedding guests involved in too for a real sing song.

God Only Knows – The Beach Boys

This track is synonymous with the final scene in Love Actually, but we don’t see why it can’t be used as a mother and son dance song – it perfectly encapsulates how we feel about our mum, we’d be nowhere without her!

If you’re still trying to decide on your processional, recessional or first dance music, check out our suggestions for alternative wedding songs.

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